What Anime do You Want a Remake Of?

When adapting a manga (or video game) into an anime series there’s a lot that goes into the adaption. The major issues that usually arise include pacing, cutting or changing arcs, or changing the ending.

Examples that come to mind is how the Fullmetal Alchemist adaption was poorly received, and then was re-adapted into Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which is well-loved. Tokyo Ghoul Root A changed the events of the series to a new, weaker story line. This made the story confusing for viewers as in RE: the anime cut arcs, fully changed them, completed arcs out of order, and diverted back to the manga story line – making the series’ events more confusing for viewers than necessary. The Promised Neverland season 2 was just a train-wreck – going through 38 chapters within 12 episodes in the first season, then rushing through 143 chapters within 11 episodes in the second season to finish off the anime. Why this happened is a mystery to everyone – as the manga was popular and so was season 1 and why say yes to an anime adaption if you’re just going to butcher it as the mangaka? Especially with how much many they could of made? Or why not at least make a public statement about it all and its production?

I think that a Tokyo Ghoul remake would also allow for a more fleshed-out ending, as the mangaka themself had said that they were rushing to finish the series since they wanted it done. Remaking The Promised Neverland would actually give the manga justice.

But what series do you want to see a remake of? Do you think people should even ask for remakes of a series?

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What’s Your Favourite Anime Genre?

There are so many genre within anime! I know that there seems to be a consensus that people who don’t watch anime assume it’s just all the same genre – but that’s definitely not true. I personally usually watch action, drama, psychological, post-apocalyptic and sports anime because that’s what I have found I enjoy. But there’s so many other genres!

Some of the most popular genre include:

Drama (such as Steins; Gate) – a narrative fictional piece that is intended to be more serious than humorous in its tone.

Fantasy (such as Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) – a genre that features magical and supernatural elements that aren’t found in ‘real life.’

Slice of Life (such as Hyouka) – an anime genre that presents a realistic representation of everyday experiences. Check out my Recommend Me Slice of Life post for a deeper look into the genre.

Horror (such as Another) – a genre meant to scare, frighten or disgust its viewers.

Mystery (such as Erased) – a genre that follows a crime (usually a murder or disappearance) where the goal is to solve the crime.

Psychological thriller (such as Tokyo Ghoul) – a genre that combines the thriller and psychological fiction genres together. This genre usually deals with psychological narratives in a thrilling setting.

Demon (such as Blue Exorcist) – a genre that features demons.

Isekai (such as Sword Art Online) – a genre where a person is transported into a different world and has to survive in this new world.

Mecha (such as Darling in the Franxx) – a science-fiction genre that is centered around giant robots or machines that are controlled by people.

Harem (such as How Not to Summon a Demon Lord) – a genre where the main character is pursued by multiple people.

Yaoi (such as Given) – this genre is centered around the romantic/intimate relationship between two men (also known as boys’ love and its abbreviation BL).

Yuri (such as Maria Holic) – this genre is centered around the romantic/intimate relationship between two women (also known as girls’ love).

Post-Apocalyptic (such as Ergo Proxy) – this genre is set in a world post-disaster.

Shoujo (such as Blue Spring Ride) – this genre is targeted to the demographic of teenage girls. It usually features personal and romantic relationships.

Shounen (such as One Piece) – this genre is targeted to the demographic of teenage boys. It usually features action-filled plots.

Josei (such as Bunny Drop) – a genre that is targeted towards women’s interests. It’s marketed towards older teen girls and adult women (specifically those able to read kanji without the aid of furigana).

Kodomomuke (such as Doraemon) – a genre for children 10 years and under. This is a genre for children to teach morals within a self-contained story each episode.

Iyashikei (such as Gakkuen Babysitters) – a sub-genre of slice of life. This genre portrays characters living out peaceful lives in a calming environment. It is intended to have a ‘healing effect’ on its audience.

Ecchi (such as Yuragi-Sou no Yuuna-San) – a genre that is named after the Japanese slang used to describe playfully sexual actions. It means ‘sexy,’ ‘dirty’ or ‘naughty’ as an adjective, ‘to have sex’ as a verb, and ‘lascivious behaviour’ as a noun.

Seinen (such as March Comes in Like a Lion) – a genre that is named after the Japanese term meaning ‘youth.’ It is specifically targeted towards young adult men.

Sports (such as Kuroko’s Basketball) – a genre that focuses upon a sport. Usually it follows a team throughout their training, practices, matches, and tournaments.

What’s your favourite genre of anime? Was there any genre here you didn’t know of?

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What’s the Worst Anime Ending?

Unfortunately, not every is happy with how an anime they watched ends. Sometimes it’s because it didn’t end how they wanted, it didn’t stick to the themes of the series, or maybe overall it wasn’t satisfying.

A series like Neon Genesis Evangelion had an ending that was very controversial, even resulting in more content being made for the series.

An ending from an anime I watched that I didn’t like was Tokyo Ghoul’s. I remember reading that the mangaka wanted to wrap up the ending quickly but it felt bad to dedicate time to a series and dislike the direction it went in. Root A was fine when I watched it because I watched it before reading the manga. When I started to read the manga I preferred it to the anime, and then disliked the :RE manga and and felt like it ended up as a rushed series with an unsatisfying ending.

What’s your least favourite anime ending?

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My Updated Favourite OPs and EDs

1. Lost in Paradise, Jujutsu Kaisen ED 1

2. History Maker, Yuri!!! on Ice OP

3. My Dearest, Guilty Crown OP1

4. Flyers, Death Parade OP

5. Hey Kids!!, Noragami Aragato OP1

6. You Only Live Once, Yuri!!! on Ice ED

7. Guren No Yumiya, Attack on Titan OP1

8. Departures, Guilty Crown ED1

9. Kaikai Kitan, Jujutsu Kaisen OP1

10. Unravel, Tokyo Ghoul OP1

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Some of my Dream Cosplans

I’ve never cosplayed, but I definitely have some that I think would be cool to do. These are broken up into a few categories.

Ones that I think are achievable for my never having cosplayed before:

I think that Eto is a very realistic cosplan to make. The outfit she wore to her book-signing consists of glasses with a cute hairstyle and a simple white jumper under green over overalls.

Arrietty would be very easy to do as well. I already have long red hair so I’d just need a plain red dress and brown boots. The hair clip would be fun to make too – probably out of foam?

Ones I would make if I had the patience, time, money, practise and talent:

I love Bakugou’s winter costume but it’s so complex I’m intimidated by it. I think doing a female version of Kirishima’s outfit would be cool as well – mostly because I love his head gear – but is also intimidating. Toga has cool accessories that would be interesting to make – but again is also intimidating. Uraraka’s new hero costume is so nice as well but again – intimidating.

The cosplay I think I like the most:

I love Nona’s design. I think it’s just got such nice elements. Her hairstyle and earrings are so elegant and the colour is pretty of her hair. Her outfit too is fairly simple but has cute accessories like her tie and the little frills on her shirt and the design on the hips of the pants.

Do you cosplay? Or have any cosplay ideas?

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Music and Me Tag: My (Probably Trash Taste) Edition

Thanks Rose @ Wretched and Divine for tagging me! 🖤


  1. Link back to the original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.
  2. For every prompt you choose name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics)
  3. Have fun and play your music LOUD!

Home Town Glory // Songs that remind you of home // Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus

“But it’s been a long time since I felt this good on my own.”

I don’t think this song reminds me of home physically as much as it reminds me of the vibe that we’re all small specks of dust in such a vast universe. I just feel like it would be a great song to have someone dancing to with a brightly star-light night background in a dimly light city or in a landscape like what Ymir was in in Attack on Titan. Someone make this happen for me please. My soul needs it.

It’s a Love Story // Your favourite songs about love // All of Me by John Legend

“What would I do without your smart mouth?”

I just really like this as a love song since it’s sung to the person he loves and includes things typically portrayed as ‘negative’ in a wonderful light. He just sounds so in love.

Shut Up and Dance // Songs you have to dance to // Dancin (KRONO Remix) by Aaron Smith

“Yeah but the feeling is fine.”

This song is such a bop. It’s got such solid beats against the vocals and the little odd sounding runs/trills just helps add to it.

If this was a Movie // Songs from Movies/TV/Broadway // The Plagues from Prince of Egypt

“Serving as your foe on his behalf is the last thing that I wanted.”

This is such a chilling song. The chorus’ harmonies and articulation, the instrumental sections, the lyrics, it’s all so creepy and powerful. The part where they make Moses sing against Rameses too is just perfection.

Comfort Crowd // Songs that make you feel calm // Frozen by Sheldon Riley

“You’re frozen when your heart’s not open.”

In what is probably a rather controversial opinion, I much prefer this cover to the original. The lyrics are so perfect for a ballad and I think the fact he’s projection is so open voweled and warm sounding adds to a sense of longing.

Always Remember Us this Way // Songs that remind you of your childhood // Asereje by Las Ketchup

“Y la baila y la goza y la canta.”

This song purely reminds me of my childhood because my dad sung it so much with us and played it so much. He helped me with my pronunciation too since I always butchered it. Plus, my siblings loved this song when it was on Just Dance.

Let’s Get Down to Business // Songs that motivate you // Son of Man by Phil Collins   

“Oh, the power to be strong and the wisdom to be wise.”

I don’t think this song motivates me as much as I just want to say I appreciate Phil Collins absolutely going above and beyond in Tarzan. I don’t even care about his tax evasion this song makes me feel things and stay focused on studying (I don’t do well with upbeat songs while studying, I need songs more in the same vibe as Son of Man to focus).

Old Town Road // Songs from the past that you like // Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

“Would it be a sin if I can’t help falling in love with you?”

This is such a romantic song. No more needs to be said.

Cry with You // Songs that make you cry and cry // Call of Silence by Hiroyuki Sawano

“Even if my body’s bleached to the bones I don’t want to go through that ever again.”

I can’t say anything about this song. I’ll just cry. Please listen to it.

I Think I’m in Love // Your latest music obsessions // Far Beyond by Dexter French

“Through ourselves we send a sign but the message is our breaking.”

I couldn’t think of a latest obsession so I just decided to put what’s probably my favourite song in.

Writer in the Dark // Favourite lyrics from songs // The Loneliest Girl from Carole and Tuesday and TheDOGS by Hiroyuki Sawano

“Do you really want to set the night on fire?”

Lyrically this is just one of my favourite songs from this series. It’s got such a clear story, emotion and message told.

“Were we born to lose and let goliath win?’

You have to listen to this song the lyrics are so good.

Sign of the Times // Songs in the charts that you love // Call out my Name by The Weeknd

“I said I didn’t feel nothing baby, but I lied.”

The Weeknd has such a great voice with so much emotion behind it. This song is feeling.

More Than a Memory // Songs you have specific memories attached to // Right Here, Right Now by Fat Boy Slim

I was deathly afraid of this music video growing up. It got to the stage that just the music would make me physically nauseous. If you made me watch any part of the video I would cry. And if you made me sit through the whole thing it would sometimes get to the point where I was sweating and my hands were minutely shaking.

Sing to Me Instead // Those songs you have to sing to // Take me to Church by Hozier

“I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife.”

I seriously considered putting this song under the ‘lyrics’ question for this tag but I just love singing along to it so I had to keep it here.

I Wasn’t Expecting That // Songs that you didn’t expect to love, but you do // Glassy Sky by Yutaka Yamada

“The moments we spent have passed and gone away.”

I was crying too much the first time I heard the song so I knew I liked it but on a second listen I remembering not liking it as much? But I listened to it later thinking I still wouldn’t like it that much and did a total 180. I love this beautiful song.

Favourite Record // Albums you can’t live without // Merry-Go-Round-of-Life by Joe Hisaishi

I actually don’t listen to albums so I wasn’t sure to to put it. However, I will listen to this song for the length of an album. Someone please make a note that I want this song played at every major life event I have and if it’s not I will be upset. Someone better play this behind me while I dance through the street one night after a fantastic day where a wizard walks me through the air.

Video Games // Name your favourite music videos // The Trail We Blaze from The Road to El Dorado

“Changing legend into fact we shall ride into history.”

Okay so I also don’t really watch music videos. However, I have watched the Road to El Dorado many times and its entire soundtrack goes so hard in the movie which is a video. So, on that note I’m putting this song in.

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The Mystery Blogger Award: The Theme Here is that I Like to Sleep

Hello there everyone! Yes, I am still annoying people! Long live the life of the no-schedule gang!

I’m here to answer the Mystery Blogger Award which of Midnight Ravings and Nesha have so kindly nominated me for (yes, I am aware it was for weeks ago – but I got here eventually! I’ve had to prioritise mental health for the past few weeks).

For those unfamiliar with this tag, here are the rules:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers. (My NB: I will be skipping on this step, because after looking through other bloggers feeds, I see that pretty much everyone has already done this. In saying that, if you want to do this tag go for it! Use the questions here if you want and credit the authors of the questions or come up with your own!)
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.

3 Things About Me:

Live feed of Netflix and my non-premium Crunchyroll account getting annoyed at just collecting more data about this volleyball anime.
  1. I’ve watched watch Haikyuu!! Seasons 1-3 and the OVAs approximately 6 times.
  2. I have four piercings. I’ve got two helixes on my left ear, one helix on my right and my lobes pierced. I would add more, but the fine line of professionalism and piercings is one I’ve yet to figure out in this current employment economy and although I’d love more or even triple helixes, I have the cutest crescent shaped earring for my right helix and I’m very happy with my current earring layout.
  3. I study Communication (majoring in digital media)/Arts (double majoring in writing and film/TV) at university currently. I have 1.5 years left, although I might defer for 6 months next year and use my savings to do a certificate in something more practical as a break.

Chizurue (Elle)’s Questions:

Visually stunning.
  1. What’s the most useless talent you have? 
    I don’t know if people would consider this useless… but sleeping wherever. I can zone out loud noises, sleep through noises pretty well and can make myself fairly comfortable wherever if I need to sleep.
  2. What anime or movie or series would you turn into a novel to lure the bookworms in?
    Tokyo Ghoul I think would be a brilliant novel. The art would lend itself to such a beautiful cover like The Black Goat’s Egg novel in the series. I also think it would be fantastic as a supernatural/horror/thriller/dark fantasy type of book.
    The worldbuilding would be amazing to read about, and the characters are already so interesting. I feel like it would be perfect as a series to do each book focused on one character (rather than following the actual Tokyo Ghoul plot of the manga or anime) to tie everything together as a series, but explore a variety of ideologies and experiences of ghouls.
  3. What movie, anime, drama or series can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? (Pick one or share one each) – This is really just me asking for recommendations.
    Yuri on Ice!!! I know I probably recommend this too much, but it’s such a heart-warming and reassuring anime to watch.
  4. What mythical creature do you wish actually existed? So it can be your pet, a spirit animal, or you in your next life.
    Familiars! They’re already kind of like a pet, can have a variety of forms, and are so mysterious.
  5. What made you follow this blog Of Midnight Ravings? (If you’re not following my blog – why not? or just disregard this one)
    I followed this blog so long ago I don’t think I even remember the initial reason. Thinking back, it was probably because of the consistent high quality and engaging content that was being published.

Nesha’s Questoins:

Desk, car, chair, floor, security alarms. You name it, I could try to sleep it.
  1. What is that ONE desire or enthusiasm, the passion of yours that drives your soul?
    Sleeping. The mantra that lives in my head rent free is: If you finish this now you can sleep later.
  2. What makes you grateful, optimists, and concerned about this passion of yours?
    I’m grateful for the amount of joy sleeping and naps bring me. I’m concerned about the depression thoughts that hits as soon as I wake up though. I’m super unimpressed in the mornings to have to get up.
  3. What does success look like in your head?
    I have no clue to be honest… I would love to live in an apartment that I can decorate how I want.
  4. What do you enjoy about writing?
    How people can convey what they’re envisioning in their head so well and create such extensive worlds and stories is what I enjoy most about writing.
  5. Do you like cats? What about catgirls? (This is the funny one )
    I like cats, although I have never been a massive fan of catgirls in particular. I do like cats, but my preference does tend to lie with cute doggos.
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The G(ish) rated ones anyway…

  1. “Your eyes are the eyes of a dead man, the dead cannot stop me” – Arima

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.07.15 pm.png
    But what about zombies and the undead Arima?
  2. “We’ll become girls” – Haise

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.05.16 pm.png
    Amazing cliffhanger there Sasaki!
  3. “Haise is my friend. He’d always give me snacks and stuff. He even made me a delicious pudding on my birthday. He is one of the very few people in the CCG that looks at me without hatred or disgust in his eyes” – Suzuya

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.12.30 pm.png
    Juuzou is way too precious
  4. “As ghoul investigators you have to run… even when your limbs are torn off! As long as you live, you will have another chance. It’s game over when you die” – Haise

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.05.47 pm.png
    Hmm… that does sound awfully familiar… I wonder where from Haise?
  5. Urie to Shirazu: Don’t you f***ing die on me

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.05.04 pm.png
    Look at me go, censoring swearing on my blog. I don’t know why I am, but I am? Idk…
  6. “I’m dead. Deeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaad!” – Saiko

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.07.44 pm.png
    Saiko is the best girl
  7. Suzuya to Big Madam: Mama. The only things you’ve given me are scars. Those are the only things I remember… It doesn’t matter what the people around me say, I… don’t hold a grudge against you or anything. This is just… my job

    That scene with Big Madam and Suzuya was just really emotional…
  8. “Of course, skill is important. But what’s even more important than the sword and shield are… those feelings. Feelings are what make you stronger” – Mirumo

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.02.29 pm.png
    Words of wisdom from Mirumo Tsukiyama himself!


“I’m dead. Deeeeeeeaaaaaad!” – Saiko

  1. Kuki Urie
    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.55.13 pm.png
    An omake in Volume 1 revealed that Urie is actually a gifted painter!
  2. Tooru Mutsuki
    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.52.01 pm.png
    Tooru is ambidextrous and doesn’t like rare cooked meat
  3. Ginshi Shirazu
    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.54.35 pm.png
    Ginshi’s last name is written as ‘不知’ and literally means ‘ignorant’
  4. Saiko Yonebayashi
    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.49.46 pm.png
    Saiko has a Twitter account. This is what Tooru uses to keep tabs on her
  5. Mirumo Tsukiyama
    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.50.43 pm.png
    Mirumo’s alias is the ‘Croque Monsieur’ – which is actually a baked (or fried) French ham-and-cheese sandwich…
  6. Kanae von Rosewald
    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.53.39 pm.png
    Kanae’s birthday is the 23rd April!
  7. Mayu (also knows as ‘Nutcrakcer’)
    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.54.17 pm.png
    Mayu is associated with the Tarot card The Empress (III)


I hope you’re as ready as Armin and I are. You’re going to need some stamina to get through this post.

Wow, I’ve managed to get really far behind on responding to awards I’ve been nominated for. So to make up for my lack of a post yesterday and my slackness, I’m going to subject you all to read this 2000+ words post! (Hush now… You can’t fault that logic)

1. Lovely Blog Award

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.41.57 pm.png

A big thank-you to Mel in Anime Land and Karandi for nominating me for this! Mel has some absolutely awesome reviews on her blog and shares some great recommendations for fan fiction and doujinshi to read! And I’m sure we all already know Karandi (if not then I hate to inform you, but you’ve probably been living under a rock. Though I suppose that it’d be kind of cool and dark there, so you know, whatever floats your boat…). She predominately posts anime reviews multiple times a day, and these episode by episode reviews are great!

Now onto the questions!

Mel’s Questions:

  • If you could learn any language (real or fictional) which one would you like to learn?
    Either Russian or German! I think that German sounds awesome, and I’d love to learn the Cyrillic script
  • With which ani-blogger would you like to do a collaboration with and what would be the theme?
    I haven’t done a collaboration before, and I’d be happy to do one with anyone if they asked! So long as it’s a topic I’m comfortable with
  • Which is your favourite post you wrote so far?
    I’ve going to have to say 12 Reasons Why Sailor Moon is Amazing: Regarding Sexuality and Gender  because as much as I love my facts posts, I feel like this one talks about the importance of representation of different genders and sexualities in media, and how amazing and progressive Sailor Moon was to do so
  • If you could pass one day in the life of someone else? Who would it be?
    Hmm… I’d say a producer or something of the like for a show (TV, movie, radio or something like it). I think it’d be really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes, and do something that I think I’ll enjoy
  • Your worst nightmare?
    I’m going to answer this as my literal worst nightmare. Which unfortunately is a reoccurring one and I always end up waking up with tears running down my face and upset. But anyway… In the nightmares my family dies (usually by a house accident that somehow I manage to survive though, or in a plane/car/something crash while I stayed at home to look after the dog). Then after that I end up shutting myself off and loosing connections with other people. And the end is me dying (usually because of assault or something of the like). So yep, fun times in
  • Do you own any pet? If yes which one? If no would you want to?
    Yes I have a dog! He’s a cavoodle and his name is Happy and he’s the best doggy
  • Your favourite day of the week?
    Friday! Always Friday!
  • The last movie you saw?
    Love, Simon 🙂
  • A series you would like to see finish or have a second season?
    Gakuen Babysitters!!!
  • A series you regrets reading/watching
    I’m going to say Tokyo Ghoul. I mean, I love it and all but I’m quite scared of the direction it’s being taken and I think that I’ve gotten emotionally invested in something that at this point, I’m pretty sure I’m just going to drop eventually
  • What or who you are the most thankful to?
    My Mum. She’s my biggest supporter and although we don’t always see eye-to-eye and she doesn’t always know how to comfort me, she’s always trying to improve and find ways that she can help me to be happy

Karandi’s Questions:

  • Toast or bread?
    110% bread!
  • Anime with the best food?
    Umm… Food Wars I guess…?
  • If you could only have one book or DVD with you on a deserted island, which would you take (assume you can watch the DVD)?
    Wow, this is a tough decision. Hmm, well, after much thought and deliberation… I have decided to bring Daria with me! It’s always funny, entertaining and quite hard to get bored of!
  • Coolest anime fight ever?
    I don’t think this is the coolest, but I really liked watching the one in Tokyo Ghoul where Keneki, Touka and Nishiki are up against Tsukiyama in the Church!
  • Favourite non-anime franchise?
    Hmm… I going to have to go with Kingdom Hearts on this one
  • Feelings on the Avengers?
    Yeah, I like them! Though only some of the movies, not all of them. And I’m fairly indifferent to animated series
  • Aliens finally come to earth, what do they look like?
    Can I be boring and say they look like how ‘little green men’ are portrayed. Because to be honest, I think that would be pretty cool
  • Twitter, Facebook, or other?
    Hmm… I pick Instagram because that’s where some of my favourite accounts that I follow are and Facebook because it’s the easiest to stalk people on
  • Headphones or speaker?
    Headphones! It just feels like you’re in your own little world, and I blast music loudly too so it’s essentially the same as using a speaker. But I find that with headphones, the ones I use are a better quality that my speaker anyway and the bass booster is also better
  • How many times have you changed your ringtone?
    Once I think? I just use the standard ringtones given to you so…
  • Geekiest thing you own?
    I own a Keyblade. It’s a foam one that someone gave to me as a present a while back now

2. Neat Blogger Award

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.42.32 pm.png

The BookWorm Drinketh nominated me for this next award! She has such amazing book reviews, some game reviews and even some recipes for us to read!

And to answer the questions:

  • What are your favourite songs from your teenage years that you still rock out to when nobody else is listening?
    I still in my teenage years so I’m just going to say what the current songs I’m obsessed with are. Centuries by Fall Out Boy and Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco 🙂
  • What’s the worst thing you ever did as a kid — and got away with?
    I didn’t realise that my dad was recording football on the TV, and back then it was the TV where if you put on the DVD players to watch a movie on that TV – the recording wouldn’t work (or something of the like??? I don’t know, I just know that was something like that and was why I got in trouble???). So yeah, I wanted to watched Tarzan and put it on the TV. And when the time came and dad was mad about his recording being ruined, he didn’t know it was me
  • If you had to choose between these animals for a house pet, which would you choose? An Alligator, A Giraffe and an Elephant? And why?
    I’d pick a giraffe. The alligator would be too scary and the elephant would just be too big to fit anywhere in the house. A giraffe at least could stand outside
  • What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?
    I’d love to visit an ice hotel one day. They’re just so pretty!
  • What’s your best idea for a reality TV show?
    I’d watch a show where it’s just people watching the people on Googlebox tbh
  • What’s something about you that people would be surprised to know?
    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but I’m 17. People always seem to think that I’m older though…
  • What’s the best knock-knock joke you know?
    Okay, get ready to have your socks blown off with this one!
    Me: Knock-knock
    You: Who’s there?
    Me: Beets!
    You: Beets who?
    Me: Beets me!

3. Mystery Blogger Award

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.43.03 pm.png

Fueled By Smiling has a very fun blog – filled with lots of anime reviews, some cartoon reviews and also some life lessons! Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

  • You were able to snag tickets to a two month all expenses paid for cruise that goes all around the world! Not only will you enjoy life on the cruise, but you’ll also make rest stops at the hottest locations. You tell all of your friends and family and while they’re jealous, they are also happy that you get to experience this. I’m even jealous and I’m writing the question. So here’s your first one, what is the first thing that you pack?
    The essentials! Money, cards, documents, toiletries, a change of clothes and electronics…
  • As you get to the port the ship is even bigger than you imagined. The name is Treemaster 5000, which sounds more like the name of an elliptical than a ship, but you’re not going to question it. You witness crowds upon crowds of people getting ready to go inside and the excitement hypes you up even more. Maybe you’ll even say, “This trip is going to be awesome!” Someone comes up to you and asks if you’re going on the cruise. You look up and notice that they kind of look like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. You smile and answer, “Yes, can you believe it!”
    “Wow,” they reply, “That’s crazy!” Before you can say “This is going to be the best trip ever!” They mug you and run off. Ouch. So what are you going to do now?
    Obviously I’ll report the mugging to the appropriate authorities. But I always carry money in a secret place when I travel anyone, so at least I’ll have a bit of money with me. Though I’m not sure what I’d so about my identification documents…
  • You can’t seem to catch them, but no matter. They may have taken your suitcase, but you still have your tickets. A friend of yours recommended taping the ticket, your passport, and $500 on your chest as a means to protect them from petty thieves. I guess they knew what they were talking about, because you’re still able to go on the trip! You’ll have to thank them when you get back home. You walk over to the ship and hand over your ticket. You may not have your camera, or underwear, or an extra pair of socks, but this will still be the best trip ever! When the ship’s hand looks you over, he makes a comment about how you’re traveling light. What do you say to him?
    Oh wait… They stole my suitcase? Well then, I’m screwed with my above answer… But I’d explain my situation to the ship’s hand, so that way if they notice this younger Leo imposter I can have some justice!
  • It’s been 10 days and the trip is everything that you’ve dreamed about and more. On the 11th day you decide to do some sunbathing and notice your mugger on the ship. The nerve of that lookalike! He stole your stuff even though he was also going on the trip. You decide to follow him and notice that he slips into a room with some redhead. You open the door and see him drawing a topless picture. The strange thing is that you’re a budding artist and from what you can tell he has trouble with stick figures. You’re about to storm in when the half naked redhead laughs and says, “Oh [Your name] is there anything that you can’t do?” What’s this? This dastardly fellow is using your name to flirt with other people. What do you do about this?
    Well, that would be weird because I’m a girl with a girl’s name while the mugger is supposedly a guy. So firstly, I would be wondering how the hell this redhead is dumb enough to trust this Leo imposter. But I suppose that because I have red hair I could barge in an make a scene and pretend like she’s my sister or something (I’m sure I could get away with it). Hopefully the girl will be too confused to react, and the mugger will panic and flee
  • Unfortunately for you, a giant mangrove tree hit the cruise ship and it’s now going down. Why were you in a place with mangrove trees? Maybe the captain saw the trees and got transfixed by their beauty and maybe the person asking you these questions didn’t want to go the cliché route and mention an iceberg. What matters is that your cruise ship is sinking and it’s sinking fast. People are jumping out of the ship in droves and life boats are dropping as well. The water isn’t as deep or cold as the ocean, but there are a lot of crocodiles and caiman and man eating catfish in this area. You manage to get yourself on a boat, which is more than a lot of people can say. You may be shipwrecked, but at least you have a cool story to tell
    Hmm… I suppose I’ll have to be alright with that ending. I mean, I survived so I can’t complain too much…

I’m not going to nominate anyone today (to avoid spamming everyone since it’d result in, like, a million nominees), but if you’d like to do any of these tags then please go for it! Or share your answers to the any of the questions below in the comments, I’d love to know 🙂

So, a really big thank-you to everyone for reading this! I know it’s super long but hopefully you managed to not fall asleep! Even if you did, then I’m sure you were deserving of that nap!