Random Kingdom Hearts Trivia to Know

  1. Ariel was originally meant to be a Princess of Heart, but in order for this to happen she needed to be captured by Maleficent – and this meant that Ursula needed to give Ariel her legs. To make this happen in the story, Ariel would have had to be introduced into Kingdom Hearts already progressed in her story to the point where she had legs. The series was too far into production though to add this. Because of this the producers ended up choosing Alice to be a Princess of Heart.

  2. Sora’s role in the series as the protagonist was originally not something that Disney wanted to do. Disney apparently wanted Donald Duck to be the protagonist, but Testuya Nomura (the series creator) wanted an original human protagonist. It was said that Nomura wasn’t interesting in making someone else’s idea and wanted to make something unique.

  3. Kingdom Hearts producer Shinji Hashimoto is to thank for the series being created, due to him meeting with a Disney executive in an elevator. Tetsuya Nomura, at a panel for the D23 Disney fan club convention in 2017 explained, “The Square Enix Japan office happened to be in the same building where Disney’s gaming division was. It just so happened that our executive producer, Mr Shinji Hashimoto, and a Disney executive rode the elevator together. They would have conversations saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice for us to do something collaborative?’ So rather than having either Square Enix or Disney approach the other with a formal business plan, it was all down to being in the same building.”

  4. The Final Fantasy characters were added in so that original characters didn’t need to be created for minor parts in the game.

  5. The Deep Jungle world only appears in the first Kingdom Hearts game as Square Enix did not renew their license for it after the first game was completed. The rights to the original Tarzan are owned by the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ estate. Disney secured animated film rights from the estate for Tarzan back in the 90s, and therefore are allowed to do what they want with their own version of Tarzan. As Square Enix is a separate company to Disney though they most likely would have had to get permission from the Edgar Rice Burrough’s estate for a license to Tarzan. It was never revealed why Square Enix did not renew their license for Tarzan after the Kingdom Hearts game was released.

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An Updated Pop Vinyl Collection

I have somehow managed to amass even more pop vinyls since last time. I often wonder how, but then remember that the vast majority were gifts or arcade prizes (along with some really cute plushies…) and I am grateful for all of them! Especially since I love decorating my room with things that I love, and merchandise is a big part of that for me.

It’s so hard to pick favourites, but this corner has to have some of them…

Fun fact about the Eeyore: it was a present ordered online for the diamond edition (which is usually glittery black). So when it arrived blue, the person who bought it for me was very confused and about to call the supplier to ask why it was the wrong colour. They then looked it up online, and realised that this was the ‘chase’ version and that the supplier did a thing where you could win it if you ordered online

I’ve had to start budgeting when I go to the second-hand book festival run each year in my city

It’s a bit of a Kingdom Hearts shrine area…

I just really love the Halloween Town designs!

I’m not going to think about Voltron Season 8

I have wayyyyyy too many favourite MHA characters

The collection has grown…

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.11.44 pm

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This is mandatory information that everyone must know.

Leading up to the drop of Kingdom Hearts III, YouTube channel Kingdom Hearts Repertory is live streaming all the cinematic story scenes of every Kingdom Hearts game. The sole purpose of their channel is helping people get ready, and hyped, for Kingdom Hearts III.

Complete with a countdown of the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until Kingdom Hearts III is dropped, there’s really no better way to get excited for it than randomly joining in to watch and even see what’s going down in the chat!

Alternatively, there is also Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far that is available for sale on the PS4 that Kingdom Hearts Repertory sells in their Amazon store… It’s a play through of the entire Kingdom Hearts series that’s available for only $40.

(Alternatively, YouTube channel Buttonlicious has published the full 11 hours 54 minutes 50 seconds of the cinematic story scenes in most of the Kingdom Hearts games if that more floats your boat…)

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.11.44 pm

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“Bet you don’t know why the sun sets red.” – Axel, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

I love Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It’s an emotional, involved and well developed 3DS game. The graphics are a bit iffy because DS, but the cinematic shorts are amazing to watch because of how interesting and varied the worlds are, the characters are and the continued development of the Kingdom Hearts story line is always wonderful.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.36.42 pm.png

The art style of this manga is so cute. It’s quite simple, and not necessarily insanely detailed. But it’s so cute. The small details though on the landscape shots are so pretty, with lights, shading and the huge scale of the buildings and view in shot on full display. I love how … draws Dark Corridors too, they are so lovely. The covers of the manga are also so pretty with the more faded, simple and matching aesthetic.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.54.15 pm.png

And to flesh out the manga there is an elaboration on the story. The scenes original to the manga are quite varied too! There’s ones that give an insight into the characters thoughts and feelings, reveal more about Organization XIII (Demyx steals the show a lot. Plus is amazing comedic relief), just are plain funny and entertaining, an elaboration on the story and worlds of Kingdom Hearts and have a nice mix of villain scenes. Quite a lot of these original scenes too have a lot of domesticity and even sweetness and humour in them because of the additional character interactions and individual time and thoughts dedicated to all the characters.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.37.09 pm.png

Organization XIII is so great to read about too. Their characters are further elaborated upon, and it’s interesting to see how their organisation works and learn more about the individual characters. You get to see how the Dusks work more as ‘soldiers’ for the organisation and see how each member controls their own squad of Pureblood Heartless. There’s also quite a lot of Demyx being Demyx in the manga, and they are some of the funniest scenes and totally original to the manga. You get to see the Organization members talking about washing and cooking and see more of their Castle. In Days you don’t really get to see that much of the castle expect for the common room, the meeting room, Roxas’ bedroom and some hallways too. But in the manga the Castle is a lot more on display complete with that washing room and kitchen filled with instant noodles we all needed to see.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.54.36 pm.png

The Days manga is detailed in its story line and explanation about world and plans. It’s coherent, easy to follow and the characters are very true to the story line but elaborated on and lets us emotional connect to them even more. Organization XIII really is of full display too throughout this manga, and I love them even more after I read this manga series.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.11.44 pm

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Mid-semesters are slowly killing me at the moment…

I haven’t ever showed any merch I have before, so I thought it might be fun to do!

I’m not really a big collector but I do have quite a few pop vinyls (way more than my Mum likes anyway… She likes to sometimes look at them and then count up how much money I’ve spent on them. Which I mean, fair enough!)

So here is the not quite non-existent but also not extensive collection of pops that I have!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.41 pm.png
Shaggy looks so good!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.54 pm.png
They don’t really go together… but oh well!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.01 pm.png
Raven is glow-in-the-dark too!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.35 pm.png
I really love all the Halloween Town designs ❤

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.47 pm.png
Mad Hatter featuring a semi-alive plant

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.13 pm.png
Kaiba is one of my latest additions to the family!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.27 pm.png
Jack and Black Lady look so great!!!


So as you probably would have seen, Matt and bookishnerdygirl have made posts over the past hours about Kingdom Hearts! And that’s because there’s a lot going on in the KH news department at the moment 🙂

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III was finally given a release date of 29th January 2019! And not only that, but at E3 three trailers for the game were released too!!! We already knew that Monsters Inc and Big Hero 6 were being added as new worlds into the game, but in the trailers we also get to see Frozen, Tangled and Toy Story! The trailers also contain some gameplay, some parts of cutscenes and more!

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWlKEM3m2EE
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPtU_-N6dMg
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn5WNxy-Wcw


“Not eavesdropping. Couldn’t hear what they were saying. Dying to find out what it was though. You wouldn’t know anything about it, would you” – Xigbar (to Zexion)

  1. In Kingdom Hearts, during the match with Hercules in the Hercules Cup’s time trials, if you restart the match the timer will freeze. This actually then allows you to defeat Hercules with the time frozen, so you can take as long as you like!

    Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.34.18 pm.png

  2. On Destiny Island, if you jump onto the shed in the corner of the beach and continuously press the jump button, then Sora will rise into the air! You can then walk around up in the air! However you will return to the ground, though if you fall over the ocean… then why not go for a swim while you’re there? (This glitch can be found in Kingdom Hearts, but was later fixed in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX)

    Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.33.33 pm.png

  3. In Days, when playing in mission mode under multiplayer… If you both click the same character at the same time you will be able to play as the same character for the duration of the mission!

    Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.37.01 pm.png

  4. At the end of Dream Drop Distance, it’s possible for you to be able to do a character switch between Sora and Riku without the usual drop. This can cause the two “receptive forecasts” to change, and so the drop pretty much becomes useless and you can change between the characters as you please!

    Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.59.50 pm.png

  5. The Cavern of Remembrance Skip in Kingdom Hearts II:


That scene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days where Xaldin tells Roxas that love never lasts and is practically useless is still one of my favourite scenes… I don’t know why but I find that scene hilarious…

That scene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days where Xaldin tells Roxas that love never lasts and is practically useless is still one of my favourite scenes… I don’t know why but I find that scene hilarious…

  1. Xenmas

    Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.11.03 pm.png
    Xemnas was actually the last member of Organisation XIII to receive an English translation of his title

  2. Xigbar

    In the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts II, his arrow guns can be combined together to form a sniper with perfect accuracy. However, in the English version Xigbar can’t combine the guns (but he can use one gun to balance the other which pretty much has the same effect as the sniper). The rifle ‘’sight’ is also different in each version of the game

  3. Xaldin

    Xaldin writes in the Secret Reports that he wants a heart so that he can do what only people with hearts can do – not because he wants to be able to feel emotion

  4. Vexen

    Vexen’s cloak is the longest out of all the Organisation XIII members, reaching down to cover his boots

  5. Lexaeus

    Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.22.22 pm.png
    Lexaeus only trusts Zexion. Everyone else he doesn’t trust – saying that they are all hiding secrets from each other. He is patricianly suspicious of Axel because he believes that no-one can ever tell what Axel is really thinking

  6. Zexion

    Zexion was never going to be seen in combat, which meant that we also didn’t know what his weapon was. In order to keep Zexion’s weapon unknown in The World That Never Was where all the Organisation XIII members had their weapons shown, the creators decided to have Zexion’s gravestone destroyed. However, it was in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix that we ended up getting to find out that Zexion’s weapon is a the Lexicon

  7. Saix

    Saix’s berserk ability could be a reference to quite a few things… It could refer to the belief that the moon causes madness, the belief that the moon can affect someone’s mood, refer to the legend of werewolves or it could even refer to the tales of the berserker warriors of the Norse…

  8. Axel

    Axel is actually the first character to technically curse. He says “hell” in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (from when he says, “It’s about time you give me one hell of a show!”) But then in  Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, this line was changed to, “Try and make it enjoyable, Sora. It’s the least you can do for me, you know”

  9. Demyx

    When viewing Demyx’s character model in Jiminy’s Journal, Demyx does not blink. In fact, he is the only member of Organisation XIII to not blink in the journal

  10. Luxord

    Most of Luxord’s decks are named after the Major Arcana of tarot cards. However, Luxord doesn’t use “Wheel of Fortune” or “Judgment” in his deck. In their place are the cards “The Joker” and “Fair Game” (which are cards from normal playing cards)

  11. Marluxia

    Marluxia was originally planned to be female. But the creators ultimately decided to make Marluxia male in order to prevent having both traitors be female

  12. Larxene

    Larxene’s knives are often thought to be Kunai by fans, but… her knives are actually called Foudre (which apparently means “lightning” in French!)

  13. Roxas

    Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.27.17 pm.png
    Roxas has shoes named after him. Airwalk has designed a shoe called the Roxas Dot after him. (There is also a model named after Demyx.)

  14. Xion

    Xion’s hair colour is black because Tomoco Kanemaki (the writer of the Kingdom Hearts novels and one of the scenario writers for the series) wanted a girl character with black hair – and his request ended up being fulfilled. Kanemaki also helped come up with Xion’s name! Her name was well-liked by the creators because it has many meanings such as ‘tide’ (which relates to the Kairi and Namine’s name meanings) or can also refer to the flower known as the ‘aster tataricus’ (and when a person presents this flower to another, the meaning behind the act is to tell the receiver of the gift that “I won’t forget you”)


“In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That is the way in Castle Oblivion” – Marluxia, Re: Chain of Memories

“In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That is the way in Castle Oblivion” – Marluxia, Re: Chain of Memories

  1. Kingdom Hearts II was censored in the US. Apparently, the blood in the original Japanese release was deemed to be ‘too much’ for American audiences to handlekh2-2016-04-08-16h49m05s445.png
  2. Kingdom Hearts II  was the last project Pat Morita worked on before he passed away in 2005 at age 73. He voiced the Emperor (from Mulan) in the Kingdom Hearts franchisePat_morita.jpg
  3. The idea for Kingdom Hearts was conceived in an elevator when Disney and Square Enix worked in the same building at one stage. Shinji Hashimoto (the producer for Kingdom Hearts) had the idea of a Disney/Square Enix crossover after talking to a Disney executive in an elevator they were in togethershinji_hashimoto_tgs-thumb-478x325-2373.jpg
  4. Squaresoft held a ‘name in the game’ contest – where a fan could get their name in the game. The winner was Kurt Zisa, which is an optional boss in Kingdom Hearts found in Agrabahmaxresdefault.jpg
  5. Kingdom Hearts is the last Squaresoft game. It was the last game released with the old logo before the company became SquareEnix in 2005Square_Soft_logo
  6. Despite the fact that some of the Disney Princes use swords as a weapon, Disney did not want Sora to wield one. Hence the Keyblade was born15129
  7. (Well this isn’t really a ‘fun’ fact but I thought I should still put it in) Master Xehanort was voiced by Chikao Ohtsuka for the Japanese version and was voiced by Leonard Nimoy for the English version. Unfortunately, both passed away within a month of each other during January 2015 and February 2015master-xehanort
  8. Initially, Kingdom Hearts was going to be a game that focused on gameplay with only a simple story line (to appeal to Disney’s target audience). However, it was determined that the series would be a failure without a more in-depth storyline, so the story was developed further648eb143f372dc354dd1d9b60d429f5f--kingdom-hearts-characters-kingdom-hearts-.jpg
  9. The Shadows are programmed to move as randomly as possiblykingdom-hearts-358-2-days-13.jpg
  10. Ariel was going to be a Princess of the Heart. However, for her to be captured by Malificent and fit into the storyline – she would have already have had to gotten her legs from Ursula. So, Alice was chosen instead2794ea852f0de1373058c7d118e90dc2.jpg
  11. Halloween Town and Atlantica are the only two worlds were Sora, Donald and Goofy change outfits. This is because in Atlantica they obviously need to change forms to be able to survive underwater, while in Halloween Town if they did not change their appearance then they would not be able to pass as villagersScreen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.44.38 pm.png



This post serves no purpose other than allowing me to grace your internet history with Kingdom Hearts and Heartless

This post serves no purpose other than allowing me to grace your internet history with Kingdom Hearts and Heartless

  1. Werewolf


  2. Dusks


  3. Soldiers


  4. Icy Cubes


  5. Barrier Master


  6. Dire Plants and their relative ‘upgraded’ versions


  7. Shadow Witch and Shadow Magician


  8. Water Core


  9. Hover Ghost. Actually, all the ghosts…. I’m beginning to think I have a soft spot for the darker designed Heartless…


  10. Red Nocturne and practically all the ones that look the same as it, but with different colour designs. I love them all!


  11. Swaying Spook


  12. Phantom Tail


  13. Jewel Sorceress and Jewel Princess


  14. Chill Ripper


  15. Phantom


And of course,

  1. Shadows