What’s Your Favourite Anime Genre?

There are so many genre within anime! I know that there seems to be a consensus that people who don’t watch anime assume it’s just all the same genre – but that’s definitely not true. I personally usually watch action, drama, psychological, post-apocalyptic and sports anime because that’s what I have found I enjoy. But there’s so many other genres!

Some of the most popular genre include:

Drama (such as Steins; Gate) – a narrative fictional piece that is intended to be more serious than humorous in its tone.

Fantasy (such as Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) – a genre that features magical and supernatural elements that aren’t found in ‘real life.’

Slice of Life (such as Hyouka) – an anime genre that presents a realistic representation of everyday experiences. Check out my Recommend Me Slice of Life post for a deeper look into the genre.

Horror (such as Another) – a genre meant to scare, frighten or disgust its viewers.

Mystery (such as Erased) – a genre that follows a crime (usually a murder or disappearance) where the goal is to solve the crime.

Psychological thriller (such as Tokyo Ghoul) – a genre that combines the thriller and psychological fiction genres together. This genre usually deals with psychological narratives in a thrilling setting.

Demon (such as Blue Exorcist) – a genre that features demons.

Isekai (such as Sword Art Online) – a genre where a person is transported into a different world and has to survive in this new world.

Mecha (such as Darling in the Franxx) – a science-fiction genre that is centered around giant robots or machines that are controlled by people.

Harem (such as How Not to Summon a Demon Lord) – a genre where the main character is pursued by multiple people.

Yaoi (such as Given) – this genre is centered around the romantic/intimate relationship between two men (also known as boys’ love and its abbreviation BL).

Yuri (such as Maria Holic) – this genre is centered around the romantic/intimate relationship between two women (also known as girls’ love).

Post-Apocalyptic (such as Ergo Proxy) – this genre is set in a world post-disaster.

Shoujo (such as Blue Spring Ride) – this genre is targeted to the demographic of teenage girls. It usually features personal and romantic relationships.

Shounen (such as One Piece) – this genre is targeted to the demographic of teenage boys. It usually features action-filled plots.

Josei (such as Bunny Drop) – a genre that is targeted towards women’s interests. It’s marketed towards older teen girls and adult women (specifically those able to read kanji without the aid of furigana).

Kodomomuke (such as Doraemon) – a genre for children 10 years and under. This is a genre for children to teach morals within a self-contained story each episode.

Iyashikei (such as Gakkuen Babysitters) – a sub-genre of slice of life. This genre portrays characters living out peaceful lives in a calming environment. It is intended to have a ‘healing effect’ on its audience.

Ecchi (such as Yuragi-Sou no Yuuna-San) – a genre that is named after the Japanese slang used to describe playfully sexual actions. It means ‘sexy,’ ‘dirty’ or ‘naughty’ as an adjective, ‘to have sex’ as a verb, and ‘lascivious behaviour’ as a noun.

Seinen (such as March Comes in Like a Lion) – a genre that is named after the Japanese term meaning ‘youth.’ It is specifically targeted towards young adult men.

Sports (such as Kuroko’s Basketball) – a genre that focuses upon a sport. Usually it follows a team throughout their training, practices, matches, and tournaments.

What’s your favourite genre of anime? Was there any genre here you didn’t know of?

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