Are There Any Characters You’d Want to Bring to Life?

It’s an age-old, eternal question. I think it’s really hard to answer because there’s so little context provided with the question. Am I summoning them because the world’s in danger? Will we be friends? Will they be left alone to fend for themselves in this strange world?

I personally think it’s a bit cruel to pull someone out of their world, but for the sake of the question we’ll just pretend that you HAVE to pick one character to bring to life and you’ll be responsible for their integration into society. In this case I was definitely choose a character that’s sane with very little friends or family or much of a life so that they won’t feel as depressed being stuck here and isn’t going to effect our world too much. Know that I think about it that also sounds like a hard ask of characters… Maybe someone like Shinji then? Or maybe someone like L who would just solve crimes?

It’s a tough question really to answer. What do you think about it all?

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What Anime do You Want a Remake Of?

When adapting a manga (or video game) into an anime series there’s a lot that goes into the adaption. The major issues that usually arise include pacing, cutting or changing arcs, or changing the ending.

Examples that come to mind is how the Fullmetal Alchemist adaption was poorly received, and then was re-adapted into Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which is well-loved. Tokyo Ghoul Root A changed the events of the series to a new, weaker story line. This made the story confusing for viewers as in RE: the anime cut arcs, fully changed them, completed arcs out of order, and diverted back to the manga story line – making the series’ events more confusing for viewers than necessary. The Promised Neverland season 2 was just a train-wreck – going through 38 chapters within 12 episodes in the first season, then rushing through 143 chapters within 11 episodes in the second season to finish off the anime. Why this happened is a mystery to everyone – as the manga was popular and so was season 1 and why say yes to an anime adaption if you’re just going to butcher it as the mangaka? Especially with how much many they could of made? Or why not at least make a public statement about it all and its production?

I think that a Tokyo Ghoul remake would also allow for a more fleshed-out ending, as the mangaka themself had said that they were rushing to finish the series since they wanted it done. Remaking The Promised Neverland would actually give the manga justice.

But what series do you want to see a remake of? Do you think people should even ask for remakes of a series?

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What’s the Worst Anime Ending?

Unfortunately, not every is happy with how an anime they watched ends. Sometimes it’s because it didn’t end how they wanted, it didn’t stick to the themes of the series, or maybe overall it wasn’t satisfying.

A series like Neon Genesis Evangelion had an ending that was very controversial, even resulting in more content being made for the series.

An ending from an anime I watched that I didn’t like was Tokyo Ghoul’s. I remember reading that the mangaka wanted to wrap up the ending quickly but it felt bad to dedicate time to a series and dislike the direction it went in. Root A was fine when I watched it because I watched it before reading the manga. When I started to read the manga I preferred it to the anime, and then disliked the :RE manga and and felt like it ended up as a rushed series with an unsatisfying ending.

What’s your least favourite anime ending?

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Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion

So, I recently had started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. And I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t liking it.

Maybe it was the hype that always surrounds it, maybe it was because of the characters, maybe it was because I was dumb and clearly was missing the point of the show.

And so, after episode 7 when I was at the peak of my ‘thinking that did not understand what was going on phase’ I did what any person does. Consult the internet.


Turns out googling ‘don’t understand neon genesis,’ ‘what am I not getting neon genesis’ and ‘is neon genesis bad or good’ leads to the posts of other weary souls on Reddit asking the same questions about the show that I was.

I felt like one OP of a post I read perfectly captured how I also felt, about trying to watch the show and just thinking that there HAS to be something that I’m missing considering how many people like the series.


The responses were actually all very helpful on the post – with all the most upvoted comments having mini-analyses of characters and themes with added recommendations about how to approach the series while watching it for the first time.

They said that they always suggest watching Neon Genesis Evangelion as a story of a boy on a journey discovering his self-worth, that just so happens to have a mecha backdrop.

And let me tell you, this actually really did the trick for me.


Before I was watching every episode wondering if there was going to be more worldbuilding, plot development, longer battles etc. Other mecha anime or anime that have mecha in them that I’ve watched are more like A.I.C.O., Darling in the Franxx, Voltron, Aldnoah Zero and Guilty Crown so Neon Genesis Evangelion is not the usual type of series I’d pick out.

But watching the series focusing upon how Shinji starts to grow as a person makes it a lot easier to get invested in what is happening in the show. Now I’m lot more interested in the characters and their motives and problems, rather than focusing upon the battles and admiring the EVA and Angels’ designs.


I definitely don’t think there is a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way to watch this series, but watching it with this mindset is definitely the right move for me to enjoy it more moving forward. I haven’t finished the series so I might have to adjust my mindset as the plot develops but I’ll have no issue doing that. Although I do already know what happens in the series and did extensive research to understand what happens (see: reading multiple articles dedicated to explaining what exactly happens in the series. Sue me, I got curious!). If anything I think that this knowledge will help me enjoy the series more since I won’t be as confused, and a few/okay maybe incredibly major spoilers have never deterred me before!

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