What Anime do You Want a Remake Of?

When adapting a manga (or video game) into an anime series there’s a lot that goes into the adaption. The major issues that usually arise include pacing, cutting or changing arcs, or changing the ending.

Examples that come to mind is how the Fullmetal Alchemist adaption was poorly received, and then was re-adapted into Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which is well-loved. Tokyo Ghoul Root A changed the events of the series to a new, weaker story line. This made the story confusing for viewers as in RE: the anime cut arcs, fully changed them, completed arcs out of order, and diverted back to the manga story line – making the series’ events more confusing for viewers than necessary. The Promised Neverland season 2 was just a train-wreck – going through 38 chapters within 12 episodes in the first season, then rushing through 143 chapters within 11 episodes in the second season to finish off the anime. Why this happened is a mystery to everyone – as the manga was popular and so was season 1 and why say yes to an anime adaption if you’re just going to butcher it as the mangaka? Especially with how much many they could of made? Or why not at least make a public statement about it all and its production?

I think that a Tokyo Ghoul remake would also allow for a more fleshed-out ending, as the mangaka themself had said that they were rushing to finish the series since they wanted it done. Remaking The Promised Neverland would actually give the manga justice.

But what series do you want to see a remake of? Do you think people should even ask for remakes of a series?

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Why did The Promised Neverland Season 2 Remove the Goldy Pond Arc?

I’m upset about this topic. But we’re not here to listen to me complain about The Promised Neverland (TPN) Season 2. We’re here to discuss theories as to why someone thought it was a good idea to take out the arguably best arc of the entire series – Goldy Pond.

Original Anime Content

The anime has chosen to include original content. Yet Goldy Pond was most readers’ favourite arc, so it’s surprising to see that it’s not included.  

A statement was made that Kaiu Shirai, the writer of TPN manga, would be supervising the series to add ‘original scenarios.’ Because the manga suffered from rushed arcs, especially towards the ending of the series, and due to the manga’s negative feedback regarding this – original anime content would allow for the anime to progress past the manga’s ending or to expand upon topics that the author wants to spend more time on. Chosen arcs could be reconstructed at a healthier pace. If Shirai wants to focus upon this, then that might a reason Goldy Pond was cut.

This is still strange for viewers though, as people initially thought when hearing this announcement that the ‘original scenarios’ was going to be filler. So the choice to cut all of the Goldy Pond arc has only heightened people’s confusion regarding what direction the anime is going in and/or why since the story has skipped a lot of manga content.

Maybe Shirai thought that Goldy Pond for the anime was too much of a ‘change’ to the story. Instead of going from escaping an orphanage, to learning about the outside world, to action fighting against demons possibly they wanted to stick to a more ‘streamlined’ story and focus upon anime original content.

Goldy Pond is Going to Appear Later into the Anime

Because the Goldy Pond arc can be argued to take place in a self-contained setting, the creepy hunting grounds could theoretically appear later in the anime. Goldy Pond could be in a different location, and so it could be introduced in season 3.

The Taboo of Firearms

In Japan firearms is a large taboo. DJ Milez has made the comparision that since TPN isn’t as ‘mature’ a story as a series like Attack on Titan where there is more violence, gore and mature themes compared to TPN, perhaps firearms being shown in the anime wasn’t something anime creators wanted to do. Especially since TPN features children as the main characters learning how to use firearms and using them frequently. And not in a military context which can be deemed ‘okay’ compared to TPN. Maybe the producers are just trying to avoid parents complaining about their children watching fictional children using guns to kill demons.

To Reintroduce Norman

Norman wasn’t reintroduced to the TPN manga until years into its weekly serialisation. He didn’t make his full reappearance until practically the last 1/3rd of the manga. This could translate to at the earliest, Norman reappearing in the anime late into season 3.

It’s been suggested that TPN anime wanted Norman reintroduced because they were concerned about losing such a popular character for such a long period of time.

To Finish the Anime Quickly

For a manga that had such a large audience, and a first anime season that was popular, studios don’t tend to feel like they need to compress or even skip parts of the story out of a fear of not getting a second season. This is even particularly weirder for a Shonen Jump story, where there a very few examples of their stories getting this sort of treatment.

However, because of how rushed season 2 is people theorise that TPN anime was trying to wrap out within two seasons. (There could have also been undisclosed production delays, COVID-19 affected progress, we’re not sure – but this could of resulted in perhaps less episodes or just general production disruption and they cut Goldy Pond). The show could still finish off with a Season 2, Part 2 – which wouldn’t include enough time for the Goldy Pond arc.

Goldy Pond might have been determined to be the arc that’s cut from the series because it is not ‘necessarily’ needed for the overall plot of TPN. Instead, it’s more focused upon character development, introducing new characters, story world building, and focusing upon the children learning how to navigate, learn more about, and fight in the world.

But even if the reason why the Goldy Pond arc was cut due to wanting to finish the anime quickly, it’s still strange that it wasn’t compressed and instead cut completely since that is where the children of Grace Field in particular had the most character development.

Separate Content

Since TPN has already been adapted into a live-action movie and Amazon apparently has the license to create a live-action, English TPN series the Goldy Pond arc could be made as separate content. Perhaps, Goldy Pond will be a separate timeline in an OVA or film – and viewers will be easily signalled about this alternative timeline because in the anime ‘HELP’ was written on the wall instead of ‘POACHERS’ like in the manga. Anime references to the arc such as Yugo’s biscuit tin being mouldy can also signal to viewers that in an alternative timeline, someone is living in the bunker if they’re shown non-mouldy biscuits.

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400 FOLLOWERS SPECIAL!!! This Year’s Manga Haul (So Far!)

Thank-you all so much for 400 followers on this blog! ❤

To celebrate, I thought I might try something a little bit different than usual and decided to do a manga haul video of what I’ve bought so far this year. I don’t really do being in front of a camera or editing, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone and I’m not really happy with the end result but considering this is secret footage since I had to record when no-one was home (quite a feat with 6 in a family…) I figured I should just go with it.

It was an experience definitely and who knows, maybe I’ll record more videos randomly to force myself to practise editing and talking on the spot (I really want to try and get rid of my habit of making noises and using lots of filler words because I think that I’m pausing for too long and need to fill it with noise).

But once again, thank-you all so much! Especially for always being so supportive! 🙂

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