Are All Anime Characters Right-Handed?

Approximately 10% of people are left-handed. That’s 1 in 10 people! But does this 10% translate over into anime?

Well, it certainly is easier to stick to characters being right-handed to streamline the production process where possible. Because of this it’s likely that characters that we know are left-handed, are left-handed because it’s written into their story.

For example, Ushijima from Haikyuu! is left-handed. In volleyball it’s a major benefit for him and his dad stood up for him against his family to left Ushijima use his left hand instead of being forcefully changed to right-handed.

Akiyama from K-On! is also left-handed, something that is troublesome for many musicians such as Akiyama who’s a bass player. Since basses are set up for right-handed people, you need to seek out a left-handed specific bass. For Akiyama, once she gets a left-handed bass her music potential explodes.

Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist is left-handed because he lost his right arm, which he lost when he failed human transmutation when he was younger.

Sasuke however is suggested to be left-handed because when Hagoromo askes for Sasuke’s dominant hand he holds up his left. He also tends to sign jutsu with his left – however Sasuke uses his sword and other weapons in his right. So perhaps he’s ambidextrous. This seems to be the cause for quite a few characters. And other characters are left-handed but it’s more of a small fun detail fans can notice – such as Zero Two who uses her left hand when learning to write but it’s not a thing that’s brought up.

But who’s your favourite left-handed character? What’s your thoughts on this topic?

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Favourite Small Anime Business?

People shop in different places depending on location, prices, shipping, quality, and stock carried. I find that a lot of small anime businesses are either artists’ stores or have a larger online variety to order from. Do you have any favourite small anime businesses you buy from?

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Would you Rather? Haikyuu!! Edition

Would you rather:

Manage Shiratorizawa?


Manage Inarizaki?

Have to block against Aran?


Have to block against Asahi?

Have to resolve all of Bokuto’s emo phases?


Have to teach Lev how to play?

Have Ukai as your coach?


Have Nekomata as your coach?

Be a part of the Seijoh-4?


Be a part of the Third Gym Squad?

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Haikyuu Plushies! I Repeat! Haikyuu Plushies!

I found the cutest Etsy store! Whim Plushies make Haikyuu plushies – look how cute these little characters as their end card animal personas are!

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Anime Tattoos and My Squeamishness

I’ve talked on my blog before about how I think tattoos are super cool, but I’m terrified to get any. Recently though, there have been many tattoos added to my list of ones I like and I thought I’d share them!

Manga Tattoo Ideas

I really like the above Nishinoya and Maki panels! They’re such powerful moments from the two of them and the poses and art is beautiful.

Small Tattoo Ideas

I’ve seen a few people with Aizawa’s goggles as tattoos, and they’re a nice small tattoo! I also just like Organisation XIII from Kingdom Hearts and think these two designs would be cute small designs.

Sword Tattoo Ideas

Having swords surrounded by flowers going down them is so pretty! It makes for good customisation options too.

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Haikyuu!! Kin Assignment Quiz

A kin is a character (or characters, you can have more than one) that you identity with. Today we’re seeing who is our Haikyuu!! kin. To join in you can use this link to take kouhowl’s quiz:

Towels are towels! I’ll use what I’m given.

Yes 😦 But no 🙂 I have phases of feeling lonely but I think it’s because I struggle to make friends and put myself out there.

I like cats – so cats it is.

Nishinoya! I love him 🙂

This was a very hard question to answer because I think I might align more with ‘I don’t look for anything, I just fall in love.’ But I do value sensibility, emotional openness and humour a lot.

I’m not lazy but I really struggle with focus and motivation – so I always think I could be doing more.

I do tend to fear how I’m perceived when others at times – so this answer seems appropriate for me.

Anime OPs isn’t a set genre so I’ll choose it to keep a sense of variety!

I greatly value and appreciate being genuine – so I don’t like it when being are phony.

Being a wolf would be so cool. They’re so majestic.

I tend to just work through everything as it comes.

I didn’t know that Sanrio was the brand that owns Hello Kitty???

I chose setters because I do tend to watch the whole team – I like seeing how everyone reacts and plans out their moves. Since setters do set up the attacks and are usually the ones the team is moving ‘around’ I guess focusing on them would make it easier to watch the whole team’s interactions.

Bastard seems the most applicable word to me. I don’t know why. It just speaks to me.

There’s so much in life I haven’t done – travel, study, experiences!

I was so not expecting to get Asahi (I would assume I’m more like Akaashi, Kenma or Matsukawa?) – but I love him so I’m not complaining.

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Anime I’d Recommend

A Short Anime: Death Parade

An Anime with Lovable Characters: Haikyuu!

A Beautifully Animated Anime: Demon Slayer

A Funny Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

A Romantic Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle

An Action-Packed Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

A Mysterious Anime: Erased

An Anime for if You Haven’t Watched an Anime: Death Note

A Bloody Anime: Attack on Titan

A Good Netflix Anime: Great Pretender

A Sad Anime: Wolf Children

An MA15+ Anime: Parasyte

An Overall Amazing Anime: Mob Psycho 100

An Anime with Superpowers: My Hero Academia

An Anime with an Intense Start: Psycho Pass

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What’s Your Favourite Anime Cliche?

Anime has cliches. It’s just a fact.

There’s cliches like nose bleeds, dead mums, the protagonists having vastly different coloured and styled hair than other characters, glowing when you power up, tripping and falling into someone, and more.

I think my favourites are sneezing when someone thinks of you. It’s just cute to have a little cut scene to someone sneezing then going back to the topic.

I also quite like what Jujutsu Kaisen did with the ‘screaming your attacks’ trope. Usually it’s a trope used so viewers know what’s going on – although it doesn’t make much point for the characters to do so in their storyworld. That’s why I like how Jujutsu Kaisen made this trope make sense. For Jujutsu Sorcerers they partake in a contract where their technique becomes more effective if they explain it to their opponent!

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Pin Collection Update!

I started a pin collection a few months ago. I’ve put them on a cork board and I absolutely love it!

My collection currently consists of:

A pride night sky triangle pin by one of Let’s Go Akamaru’s co-founders.

Shinso and Aizawa head pins, and a Bakugou and Todoroki side profile pins by Redemsi.

A keyblade Dabi inspired pin I got from ShinnoyumeShop.

A Spirited Away soot sprite pin I bought from a local artist back in 2017 at a convention.

A Hawks pin that was a gift given to me.

A Howl’s Moving Castle pin from rioandblue.

A Kenma time-skip pin by kyupins.

Amajiki, Hawks and Aizawa pins which I unfortunately can’t find the artist of.

Do you guys have any pins? If so, which are your favourites?

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Which Haikyu!! Character Are You?

Let’s take a quiz for fun. If you want to answer as we go, this quiz was created by jojobie and can be found here:

I’d probably just avoid conflict and walk away. I will death glare them though if they’re annoying me or if I’m in a bad mood. I’ll only talk back if I’m really pissed off.

I don’t particularly like breakfast. I’ll usually just drink something so I’m not hungry until I can eat something later.

Black’s my favourite colour so easy pick!

I do have to study to get actually good grades. I can get decent grades though with not much work. It’s a very bad habit.

Pretty accurate answer.

I am pretty competitive when I get into things but I don’t really cry about loosing. Honestly, I get more of a kick out of the competition in the moment and don’t usually care about winning or loosing outside of competitive nature. If I found myself caring too much about loosing or winning though I tend to remind myself to care less (usually I just remind myself that we’re doing this for fun and enjoy competition and that’s what we’re getting out of it).

This was super hard to decide because crows and owls are my favourite birds. I picked cats because I also like cats and if I had to decide which one I would want as a pet I’d pick a cat. (Unless I was one of those fantastical travelers, then I’d choose a crow. I would want a cat though if I was a witch. And an owl if someone who travels by night. Maybe I should just be a shape-shifter actually).

I am pan so yeah, but also I do confess but not confidently? So idk.

I’d just practise with a set plan that will help me improve a skill.

I feel most productive at night. Recently I’ve been focusing on sleeping at 12am so that I get a decent amount of sleep – especially since I feel most productive starting at about 5/6pm and if left unchecked and in the habit of staying up I’ll work until 3am instead of during the day because my productivity is better.

Honestly was not expecting Kuroo! But yay! This quiz has been fun. Who did you get?

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