An Updated Pop Vinyl Collection

I have somehow managed to amass even more pop vinyls since last time. I often wonder how, but then remember that the vast majority were gifts or arcade prizes (along with some really cute plushies…) and I am grateful for all of them! Especially since I love decorating my room with things that I love, and merchandise is a big part of that for me.

It’s so hard to pick favourites, but this corner has to have some of them…
Fun fact about the Eeyore: it was a present ordered online for the diamond edition (which is usually glittery black). So when it arrived blue, the person who bought it for me was very confused and about to call the supplier to ask why it was the wrong colour. They then looked it up online, and realised that this was the ‘chase’ version and that the supplier did a thing where you could win it if you ordered online
I’ve had to start budgeting when I go to the second-hand book festival run each year in my city
It’s a bit of a Kingdom Hearts shrine area…
I just really love the Halloween Town designs!
I’m not going to think about Voltron Season 8
I have wayyyyyy too many favourite MHA characters
The collection has grown…

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.11.44 pm

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This is my first subscription box!

So I did a thing! Where I signed up for a monthly subscription box! I am cheap so I hunted the internet for the cheaper, yet also reliable, options and my search lead me to Fangirl Monthly.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.18.11 pm.png

I have been informed by the company website that everything I received is worth $40+ USD, so that’s $55 AUD for me! And I ended up just purchasing the monthly plan, so with my trusty 10% discount and additional $3 off because this was my first box I ended up paying $42 AUD for it. That $42 AUD also includes shipping price I also had to pay, as the boxes were only $18 USD but worldwide shipping costed me $15 USD. (Also don’t be like me. I didn’t use PayPal when I bought this so it didn’t convert currencies for me and since I’m dumb I didn’t realise that after I selected my country as Australia, that I would still need to convert the currencies myself since I was still being shown USD.) So yay for buying things cheaper than if you bought separately!


This month’s theme was ‘battle’ and the anime/manga being drawn inspiration from were Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. I like Sailor Moon, and I figured why not try out getting one box? I do like earrings after all, and postcards!


I like jewellery – earrings are my favourite, and I also like rings. Necklaces are a sometimes thing for me. And I got excited when Fangirl Monthly didn’t seem to do bracelets because now this company is right up my jewellery alley.


The box it arrived in was very nice, and everything was well wrapped and also in a cute little exclusive bag to keep it all safe! Bonus points too the eco-friendliness the company has and the cute monthly cards it sends subscribers.


Now I bought this completely knowing that I wouldn’t like everything in it. And that’s fine, I can always use things as gifts (or maybe prizes… OOH MAYBE I COULD SAVE THEM FOR IF I EVER DO A GIVEAWAY?!) because it just might not be my taste. I am quite weird after all about what I like. (Seriously. It can be really tough if you don’t know what I like. People close to me have to dedicate notebooks to documenting all the peculiarities I have too about it all.)

And so I present to you what I received!

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 12.15.30 am.png

The earrings are pretty cute, I’ll definitely be keeping those. And the postcard is pretty too. The Pikachu socks are cute too, but I know that I’ll probably never wear them. The necklace is eh for me but that’s just me. And this photo is definitely the only time I’ll ever wear the ring because my ring taste is more minimalistic.  Everything actually looks a lot better quality than I expected though! So that’s awesome!

I do want to say too how fast I got my package. The company policy stated that between the 5-10th of each month the order would be processed and then that the package would take between 2-3 weeks to arrive (estimating closer to the end of the month then for when subscribers will receive their box). But I got it super soon! Mine was processed on the 5th and arrived on the 15th November! I was super impressed! Everything was handled very easily too.

I have cancelled my monthly subscription though (with the FAQs page telling me exactly what dates I needed to do so by to not be charged) and as companies do they asked me to fill out a quick little ‘tick which reason is why you have chosen to cancel your subscription.’ I just clicked on the ‘bought as a gift’ option – since I was more just interested in trying to see how this goes.

So was it worth it?

Probably. For someone who isn’t me. I will be wearing those earrings though…

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.11.44 pm

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Mid-semesters are slowly killing me at the moment…

I haven’t ever showed any merch I have before, so I thought it might be fun to do!

I’m not really a big collector but I do have quite a few pop vinyls (way more than my Mum likes anyway… She likes to sometimes look at them and then count up how much money I’ve spent on them. Which I mean, fair enough!)

So here is the not quite non-existent but also not extensive collection of pops that I have!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.41 pm.png
Shaggy looks so good!
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.54 pm.png
They don’t really go together… but oh well!
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.01 pm.png
Raven is glow-in-the-dark too!
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.35 pm.png
I really love all the Halloween Town designs ❤
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.47 pm.png
Mad Hatter featuring a semi-alive plant
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.13 pm.png
Kaiba is one of my latest additions to the family!
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.49.27 pm.png
Jack and Black Lady look so great!!!


I just want them all! And I did an exam today and finished off my assessment for another course, so I think I can go sleep now! 🙂

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Who else plays too much Animal Crossing and then forgets how society actually functions when forced to leave your town?

Who else plays too much Animal Crossing and then forgets how society actually functions when forced to leave your town?

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