What’s the Worst Anime Ending?

Unfortunately, not every is happy with how an anime they watched ends. Sometimes it’s because it didn’t end how they wanted, it didn’t stick to the themes of the series, or maybe overall it wasn’t satisfying.

A series like Neon Genesis Evangelion had an ending that was very controversial, even resulting in more content being made for the series.

An ending from an anime I watched that I didn’t like was Tokyo Ghoul’s. I remember reading that the mangaka wanted to wrap up the ending quickly but it felt bad to dedicate time to a series and dislike the direction it went in. Root A was fine when I watched it because I watched it before reading the manga. When I started to read the manga I preferred it to the anime, and then disliked the :RE manga and and felt like it ended up as a rushed series with an unsatisfying ending.

What’s your least favourite anime ending?

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2 thoughts on “What’s the Worst Anime Ending?”

  1. I have a particular pet peeve with unfinished stories, so “endings” as found in Kaze no Stigma, One Punch Man, Gate, Rokka, Killing Bites, Black Blood Brothers, and No Game, No Life… not my favorites, ya know? 😉

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    1. Ah I totally understand!! It can be so annoying when you devote time and investment into a story and it leaves such an unsatisfying conclusion! What if I had more questions? Why if characters didn’t finish their arc/it was thrown away? What about their goals?

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