5 Facts to Know About Yuga Aoyama

  1. Aoyama is 168cm tall, his blood type is O and his birthplace is France.

  2. Aoyama’s preliminary design was very similar to his final design. The main difference is that the preliminary design had longer hair. His hero name was also going to be ‘Can’t Stop Twinkle’ instead of ‘Can’t Stop Twinkling.’

  3. Aoyama’s favourite thing is himself, and he uses a rose scented fragrance to give himself a ‘romantic tip.’

  4. Aoyama’s surname contains the kanji for ‘blue’ (青 ao) and ‘mountain’ (山 yama). His first name contains the characters for ‘excellent, superior’ (優 yu) and “elegant, graceful, refined’ (雅 ga).

  5. Aoyama’s stats according to the Ultra Archive Book are:
    Power 2/5 (D)
    Speed 3/5 (C)
    Technique 3/5 (C)
    Intelligence 3/5 (C)
    Cooperativeness 1/5 (E)
    His stats then according to the Ultra Analysis Book are:
    Power 2/6 (D)
    Speed 3/6 (C)
    Technique 4/6 (B)
    Intelligence 3/6 (C)
    Sparklines 6/6 (S)

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