Happy Birthday Ash

Today is May 22nd, which means it’s Ash Ketchum from Pokemon’s birthday.

Happy birthday Ash – and enjoy being 10.

I do find too that as much fun it is to theorise about why Ash stays 10 years old throughout the entire Pokemon franchise with theories such as 1. Ash is in a coma and 2. that Ash doesn’t age because in the first episode he spots Ho-Oh, a legendary pokemon believed to grant wishes to those whom it appears to (and Ash wished his Pokemon journey will never stop, so he stays 10), I do agree with Reddit user RadDudesman when they say:

“The anime merely operates on a floating timeline. Time does pass, but past events are “moved up”. So if the show takes place in the current year; if Ash was born in 10 years old in 1997, he’d have been born in 1987, but in 2018, he’s still 10, so he was born in 2008.”

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ash”

  1. I wasn’t aware of it being Ash’s birthday. Happy birthday, Ash, I guess! I did hear about those fan theories with how that character never ages at all even though this show has been around for over 20 years. Pokemon is such a weird thing even though I used to be a huge Pokemaniac when it first came stateside. I lost track of a lot of the new characters and games. However, I found a Pokemon cosplay wrestling match last year which was hilarious though. Hahaha!

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