What Was Your First Anime?

A ‘first anime’ can be a gateway into watching anime. Seeing a boppy OP, melancholic ED, cool animation and awesome voice acting can really let one fall down the rabbit hole…

For me, the first anime I remember watching was Yu-Gi-Oh! I watched it on the kids’ channel and ended up seeing the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series probably about three times over my childhood due to screening the same episodes over the years. I also remember watching some Pokemon, but I wasn’t as invested in it as Yu-Gi-Oh! because I didn’t understand what was happening. (How? I hear you asking? How does a seven-year-old understand the convoluted rules of Dueling yet not the cute Pokemon? And to that I say – I saw the first episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! so it made more sense. The Pokemon episodes I first saw was awkwardly 3/4s through the series. And since this is free-to-air television it’s not like I could find the first ones to watch or understood the concept.) I also watched Bakugan Battle Brawlers but honestly I don’t remember anything except being wowed by how the Bakugan would pop out and having a replica toy and I’d make my mum watch me ‘battle’ while she had been trying to actually do something important. I also watched Astro Boy (the 2003 series) from which I mostly remember feeling conflicted as a child about everyone’s goals and personalities…

But the first anime I saw that wasn’t targeted towards a children’s demographic (despite some of them still being very popular with other demographics) was Guilty Crown. I think it was a great ‘first anime’ for me because it was only 12 episodes long, have pretty characters, a decent story line and concept, and awesome music – perfect for a teenage me! From there I started anime like Death Note, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Hyouka, Death Parade, the Studio Ghibli movies, and Yuri!!! On Ice.

What was the first anime you remember watching? Or what was the anime that got you into anime?

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Happy Birthday Ash

Today is May 22nd, which means it’s Ash Ketchum from Pokemon’s birthday.

Happy birthday Ash – and enjoy being 10.

I do find too that as much fun it is to theorise about why Ash stays 10 years old throughout the entire Pokemon franchise with theories such as 1. Ash is in a coma and 2. that Ash doesn’t age because in the first episode he spots Ho-Oh, a legendary pokemon believed to grant wishes to those whom it appears to (and Ash wished his Pokemon journey will never stop, so he stays 10), I do agree with Reddit user RadDudesman when they say:

“The anime merely operates on a floating timeline. Time does pass, but past events are “moved up”. So if the show takes place in the current year; if Ash was born in 10 years old in 1997, he’d have been born in 1987, but in 2018, he’s still 10, so he was born in 2008.”

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My brother’s finished his Yu-Gi-Oh marathon. Now he’s moved onto a Pokemon marathon…

  1. Mina’s name means ‘jasmine’

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.29.12 pm.png

  2. Lana is the only Trial Captain who doesn’t keep her Pokemon in Ultra Balls

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.25.58 pm.png

  3. Kiawe in the games has been fired from his part-time job. But in the manga Kiawe works part-time at Thrifty Megamart so that he can save up enough money to study fire dancing abroad

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.27.03 pm.png

  4. Ilima is 165cm tall

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.29.32 pm.png

  5. Mallow’s name comes from the word ‘mallow’ (shocking, I know). Mallow is a family of plants that includes cotton and this also explains why her Japanese name is Mao, which is from the Hawaiian word ‘ma’o,’ meaning ‘cotton’

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.26.24 pm.png

  6. Sophocles is the only Trial Captain in the game to not give the player a set of Poke Balls after they complete his trial

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.27.36 pm.png

  7. As it turns out, Acerola isn’t actually related to Nanu, whom she calls ‘uncle.’ It’s explained in the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon: The Official Strategy Guide that Acerola calls Nanu this as a term of endearment and to show how close she is to Nanu

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.28.51 pm.png