5 Facts to Know About Sato Rikido

1. Sato’s birthday is 19th June, he’s 185cm, his favourite food is cake, he was born in the Tottori Prefecture, and his blood type is O.

2. Sato’s stats according to the Ultra Archive are:
Power 4/5 (B)
Speed 1/5 (E)
Technique 2/5 (D)
Intelligence 3/5 (C)
Cooperativeness 4/5 (B)
His stats according to the Ultra Analysis are:
Power 5/6 (A+)
Speed 4/6 (B+)
Technique 2/6 (D)
Intelligence 3/6 (C)
Popular Among Girls 5/6 (A)

3. His hero name ‘Sugar Man’ is also the man of a Marvel Comics villain.

4. Sato was the last student of Class 1-A to have his Quirk shown.

5. Sato’s initial design was very similar to his current one, the only differences being that bits of his hero costume are different and he had thinner lips.

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