Haikyuu!! Kin Assignment Quiz

A kin is a character (or characters, you can have more than one) that you identity with. Today we’re seeing who is our Haikyuu!! kin. To join in you can use this link to take kouhowl’s quiz: https://uquiz.com/quiz/SLCRqj/haikyuu-kin-assignment

Towels are towels! I’ll use what I’m given.

Yes 😦 But no 🙂 I have phases of feeling lonely but I think it’s because I struggle to make friends and put myself out there.

I like cats – so cats it is.

Nishinoya! I love him 🙂

This was a very hard question to answer because I think I might align more with ‘I don’t look for anything, I just fall in love.’ But I do value sensibility, emotional openness and humour a lot.

I’m not lazy but I really struggle with focus and motivation – so I always think I could be doing more.

I do tend to fear how I’m perceived when others at times – so this answer seems appropriate for me.

Anime OPs isn’t a set genre so I’ll choose it to keep a sense of variety!

I greatly value and appreciate being genuine – so I don’t like it when being are phony.

Being a wolf would be so cool. They’re so majestic.

I tend to just work through everything as it comes.

I didn’t know that Sanrio was the brand that owns Hello Kitty???

I chose setters because I do tend to watch the whole team – I like seeing how everyone reacts and plans out their moves. Since setters do set up the attacks and are usually the ones the team is moving ‘around’ I guess focusing on them would make it easier to watch the whole team’s interactions.

Bastard seems the most applicable word to me. I don’t know why. It just speaks to me.

There’s so much in life I haven’t done – travel, study, experiences!

I was so not expecting to get Asahi (I would assume I’m more like Akaashi, Kenma or Matsukawa?) – but I love him so I’m not complaining.

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