I Desire a Choso Hooodie

I love Choso from Jujutsu Kaisen and I think he’d made a fantastic character to have on a sweater or hoodie. Unfortunately he just recently got introduced in the anime at the end of season 1 so there’s not much merch of him yet.

I had a look online and only really managed to find some stuff on Redbubble for hoodies and sweaters – though in very Redubble fashion a lot of them are very rectangular designs that doesn’t work that well unfortunately with my body type. I tried to find some on Etsy as well but it seems to mostly just have shirts which look cool, but not many sweaters or hoodies. On TeePublic I only managed to find 3 hoodies for Choso too.

I will probably give in in at some point and get shirts for Choso and stickers or other little things like that until more hoodies and sweaters are made for him to fill the void of Choso in my heart. Until then though, does anyone have any recommendations for where they get anime hoodies and sweaters from?

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Author: thespookyredhead

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