5 Facts to Know About Tsunagu Hakamada

1. Best Jeanist is 190cm, his birthday is 5th October, and he was born in the Okayama Prefecture.

2. Best Jeanist’s name contains the kanji for ‘hakama’ (袴), ‘field’ (田), and part of the word ‘fiber’ (維). His first name is also a homophone with the verb ‘to tie.’

3. His favourite animal are wolves.

4. He has huge popularity among young and middle-ages men in the fashion world.

5. According to the Ultra Archive his stats are:
Power 2/5 (D)
Spped 3/5 (C)
Technique 5/5 (A)
Intelligence 3/5 (C)
Cooperativeness 3/5 (C)
According to the Ultra Analysis his stats are:
Power 4/6 (B)
Speed 3/6 (C)
Technique 5/6 (A+)
Intelligence 5/6 (A)
Fashion Sense 6/6 (S+)

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