But you know, hindsight is 20-20, or whatever

  1. Hamlet (from Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

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    I understand that the theme of interiority and that subjectivity are important in this play. Which then makes sense as to why Hamlet spends forever and forever thinking about what to do throughout the play. He is well known as a character of inaction, especially considering the fact that he does actually develop a plan about how he should go about finding out if the ghost is real and about how to avenge his late father. But then throw in some complications along the way, and the result is that Hamlet somehow never  really manages to get a ton done. He takes forever in between telling himself to act and then actually ending up doing anything about it despite that he keeps telling himself that he should act.

  2. Louise (from Alien)

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    This entire movie is about linguistics and communication, yet the linguistics expert chooses not to talk to the guy she knows is going to become her husband about how their child is going to die from cancer and that they’ll get divorced one day too? Instead she just asks him that if he could see his whole life ahead of him, would be change anything?? To which he says that he doesn’t really know, so you know… maybe then once you’re married and everything and he then asks you if you want to make a baby you could mention how you already know that this baby you’ll conceive will die just to check with him to see how he feels about all of this??? I mean, I understand where Louise’s coming from. But by sharing her knowledge about her life with her partner she most likely could have saved them both from a lot of heartache

  3. Lucy (from Peanuts)

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    Lucy gives out some pretty bad advice in her psychiatric booth. So maybe it’s good that her ‘patients’ never listen to it. However, considering that her advice pretty much only consists of ‘snap out of it’ and the fact that she has some serious unrequited love going on for Schroeder, resulting in her listening to him play at the end of his toy piano a lot of the time despite that she knows that he wants to model his life after Mozart, who has a bachelor…. I don’t know, maybe it might be good for Lucy to ‘snap out’ of her infatuation by toning it down a bit?

  4. Armin (from Attack on Titan)

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    I am so, so glad that Armin didn’t follow his own advice because if he had then we wouldn’t have Armin crying “a person who cannot sacrifice everything, can change nothing!” as he jumps off his horse to run across the flat terrain, only to grab and support an unconscious Jean as he waves around his single blade to protect himself from a titan that is approaching them

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    1. I found the most interesting part of it to be the explanation of how non-linear timelines work and some of the linguistic theory stuff that was in it. The actual movie itself though wasn’t that good… But yeah, for someone who talks about how important communication is, she didn’t do a lot of it with her spouse…

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  1. What I love about Armin’s choices are that he both did and didn’t follow his advice. While he disregarded his advice, by saving Jean, he also followed it by throwing some of his humanity away when he taunted Bertholdt about Annie.

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    1. Very true. Usually Armin is pretty good at following his own advice, but he’s still one of the most human characters in the series and that really shines through at times 🙂


  2. Hamlet is the ultimate portrayal of talking the talk, but not following it up with action. He did provide us with an awesome soliloquy though.

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    1. He did! And tbh I was more than happy to read and watch the whole thing and study it despite how nothing really happened until the end of the play for all those points characters make throughout the novel about different things and the soliloquies 🙂

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