This is probably the most self-indulgent show I’ve ever watched… And I loved every moment of it.

  1. ‘Haya’ from ‘Hayato’ means ‘falcon’ while Taka’s name means ‘hawk.’ Ryuuichi points this out in the series, and Usaida then comments about how even as birds Hayato and Take are still siblings

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  2. Ryuuchi’s birthday is in July, meaning that his star sign is Leo. However, in the first edition of volume 11 the mangaka, Hari Tokeino, mistakenly described Ryuuchi as a Cancer sign in his character profile. This is because originally she had planned to make him Cancer (after she read that people with this star sign are meant to be suitable for working in childcare)

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  3. Taka’s favourite show is Ranger Five. This means then that each child has a ranger colour as follows: Taka is red, Kirin is pink (but she later proclaims that she doesn’t want to be involved in the game anymore and instead wants to become a witch), Kotarou is blue and the twins are both yellow

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  4. Pretty much every character’s name has an animal connotation or meaning. Kamitani means wolf, Kazuma’s is horse, Kirin’s is giraffe, Kotarou’s is tiger, Yagi is mountain goat, Nezu is mouse…

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  5. So then speaking of these name meanings, Kirin’s and the chairwoman’s names coincide with physical objects they get throughout the series. Kirin gets that stuffed toy giraffe, while the chairwoman’s name has the character for ‘sheep’ in it. This matches the nickname ‘Fluffy’ Kotarou gives to her and how he buys a sheep keychain for her during his visit to the zoo because it reminds him of her

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  6. Quite of few of the daycare kids share the same VA as other characters. Midori shares her voice actress with Yuki – Kaede Hondo. Umi shares the same voice actress with her son Takuma – Ayaka Saitou. And Shizuka shares the same voice actress with her son Taka. This is pretty interesting too because the children that have the same VA as their mothers are the child that takes after their mother the most i.e. Takuma takes after Umi, while Kazuma takes after his dad and Taka takes after his mum, while Hayato takes after his dad (expect for his habit of hitting people over the head, which Hayato got from his mum)

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  7. Yuki and Inomata are both tone deaf. But they still want to go to karaoke together. That is true friendship

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  8. We’ve never actually been given a job description for Saikawa, though his main roles essentially seem to be working as the chairwoman’s secretary, butler, chef.  And now he also tends to the needs of the Kashima brothers

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