You know… aside from most of the storyline of √A

You know… aside from most of the storyline of √A


  1. The obvious one – in the manga Kaneki forms a resistance against Aogiri, while in the anime he joins Aogiri
    This really is what propels the anime and manga in different directions regarding the storyline of √A. However, both conclude in the same way, presumably so that the director will be able to use content from the manga in RE:


  2. Some of the chronology has been changed2.PNG
    This includes events such as when Kaneki meets Tsukiyama (in the anime they meet after the death of Hinami’s parents) and the fact that Jason is introduced way later in the anime


  3. There are also more trivial differences – such as Kaneki and Rize talking about their blood type on their way home and Kaneki ‘fighting’ back against Rize by trying to stab her Kagune with a pen

    There are some more major differences made though, and they negatively affect character development. It’s more the smaller things adding up that really make the difference… Despite this, both the anime and manga do have the same conclusion

  1. The anime is heavily censored. Most noticeably in the scenes where Jason tortures Kaneki…4.gif
    Apart from fight scenes being blacked out in parts to avoid too much carnage and gore, many have stated that this censorship means that we miss out on a lot of the emotional content too. This statement is quite justified as the anime completely leaves out some of the things Jason did to torture Kaneki… The anime favours a more condensed, action-filled storyline while (arguably) the manga’s strong suit is its character development, particularly that of Kaneki’s


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