Which Anime Would You Remaster?

Some anime has just plain poor animation. It can be for a range of reasons – usually a lack of budget, poor work conditions, and rushing through production. Would you want any shows suffering from these to be re-animated? Re-making them like FMAB can really boost the fan-base after all and bring the anime the recognition it should have originally deserved if it wasn’t poorly produced.

Alternatively, remastering an anime can be nice because the animation can be improved due to technology advancements. For example, Sailor Moon can be remastered for a clearer image than the 90s series has. Are there any older anime you’d want remaster if they already haven’t been?

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5 thoughts on “Which Anime Would You Remaster?”

  1. Claymore needs a reboot similar to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The books weren’t finished when they made the anime and pretty much dropped the ball with the ending. It deserved so much more.

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  2. Tokyo Ghoul, the manga was way better and the animation is a little dated compared to more modern anime. It could definitely use a re-boot. Oo, I’d also like to see Magic Knight Ray Earth in more modern animation, the story is great but the animation looks quite old.

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    1. TOKYO GHOUL ABSOLUTELY GOT DONE DIRTY!!!! Ishida is so talented with horror panels and beautiful watercoloured style art and the anime after reading the manga just cannot compare. Magic Knight would look beautiful in a newer animation style with the magical girl aesthetic :0000

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