Embarrassingly, we were the first ones in the cinema and there was about 2 minutes to go until the movie started. I said, “All we’re missing now is that couple who sucks each other’s face to come in and complete the experience.” And literally as I said that a couple holding hands and kissing each other came in. Naturally my friend and I burst into laughter because apparently I’d jinxed it like I tend to do to most things, and the couple while walking up the stairs stopped kissing to see us standing at our seats seemingly loose it.

*This review is SPOILER-FREE*

Almost two weeks ago now I went out to go see Christopher Robin and I loved it. It was so, so cute!

There was so many well-known, iconic quotes in it that just make your heart melt. And the movie started off with a farewell Christopher Robin scene to make you extra emotional. The orientation stuff of the film too also really helped to give a quick refresh as to who all the characters are, or introduce them if you already didn’t know, and just helped set up the movie all quite nicely. I loved how in the film they interspersed fading live-action frames out to frames of drawings of Winnie the Pooh with text too , and used another one of these transitions at the end to conclude it nicely.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.56.15 am.png

The acting was great too. Both the live-action actors and voice actors! And I loved the stuffed toy feel that all the Winnie the Pooh characters had. I liked the visuals too! Everything was very well co-ordinated, pleasing and really just worked well to create immersive worlds in both the live-action England and the 100 Acre Wood.

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And I did like the storyline – I like that the movie managed to balance serious elements with the more fun ones. Especially with how Christopher’s more ‘adult’ approach to things works vs how he needs to learn to appreciate innocence, having fun and a little bit of magic too. Some people might have found Christopher’s over-domineering work ethic to be very annoying, but we do receive a montage about Christopher’s life experiences that have brought him to where he is that day so at least it makes his character a lot more understandable. At times the movie was actually pretty funny too, with Eeyore being the main contributor to this…

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I also appreciate how in this movie the philosophy of ‘doing nothing often leads to the greatest something’ is tied in. I feel like this line is very up to interpretation and debate among people if they wanted to discuss it, but I think that the movie takes a nice approach to it that makes sense in the context of a world in which people have to work to make a living while also try to maintain a work/life balance.

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So maybe it’s not the most amazing thing ever (but can anything really ever rival A. A. Milne’s own work?), but is so heartwarming. It was well-balanced, had great acting, had that little bit of magic in it and was incredibly cute!

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