Webtoon Recommendation: Clinic Of Horrors

Clinic of Horrors is a 2-year-old comedy horror comic created by artist PokuriMio and writer Merryweather. Together, in March 2019, they released their first episode of their Webtoon comic.

Clinic of Horrors is set in a strange city where there’s a clinic that will treat victims of horrific and strange diseases – for a price. The series has 65 chapters out as I write this post.

What I particularly like so far about this series is:

The Characters

The characters in this story are very varied, with interesting personalities and unique struggles (although some motivations are still unknown…) and designs. The story follows Bianca, an apathetic and no-nonsense nursing student (who secretly has a heart of gold) as she works at a clinic with Dr Albright to treats all kinds of strange illnesses.

I like that the story spends time with Bianca at the clinic as her and the doctor help people. It also highlights the more ‘illegal’ arrangements the doctor has to make to keep the clinic afloat. But it also follows around her more daily life occurrences where there’s strange things happening in the subway, and time with her university friends as they hang out and have classes.

The Art and Storyworld

The art is colourful with its main characters, and this really contrasts against how bleak the rest of their ‘crapsack’ world is. A lot of the illnesses people suffer from are related to monsters and mutations due to the world’s body-horror epidemic, which is an interesting concept. These illnesses are all over the place where characters go, and people are seen to struggle to prevent and cure themselves of these diseases as they cannot afford to.

The Mystery

In the story the major antagonist is introduced as a man wearing all yellow, who owns a company that is a pharmaceutical monopoly giant. The story reveals that the doctor Bianca works for used to work for this man in yellow’s company as a medical researcher. His current work as a ‘backalley doctor’ is actually his way of atoning for this previous job.

For an unspecified reason, the doctor walked out on this company and his co-workers. What exactly it is that the doctor was doing, is something we’ll have to find out as the story progresses.

You can read Clinic of Horrors on Webtoon here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/clinic-of-horrors/list?title_no=274661

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