5 Facts to Know About Jin Bubaigawara

  1. Twice’s birthday is May 10, he is 178cm, and smokes cigarettes.
  2. Twice’s preliminary design was very similar to his current – the main difference being that his costume has four eye openings instead of two.
  3. Twice is currently the villain who had the quickest raise in villain ranking – moving from C to S in just a few months. He is only the only lieutenant of the PLF to be an S-ranked villain.
  4. Twice’s surname is pronounced and written the same as a train station in Tokyo (it is jointly run by two separate railroad stations). The kanji used in his first name ‘仁’ is also similar to the kanji for the number two ‘二.’
  5. According to his Volume 24 profile, Twice’s costume was specially ordered by Giran. It was designed to be ‘tough yet easy on the skin.’ Since Twice is unable to hold together a normal life and income, and lost all the money he stole, the costume cost more than anything he could afford himself. Giran ended up putting the costume on his tab, but still demanded his intermediary fee as a broker.

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