5 facts to know about Todoroki Shoto

  1. Shoto’s surname contains the kanji for “to roar, roaring fire” (轟), while his first name contains the kanji for “burning” (焦)and “freezing” (凍)
  2. Todoroki has heterochromia as can be seen from his two different eye colours, but based upon the fact that even his hair and Quirk are divided in half down his body he might actually have a genetic anomaly knows as chimera.
    Chimera is when a single organism is composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype. This condition can even include possessing blood cells of different blood types.
  3. Todoroki’s scar might actually be a frost burn.
    We know that Todoroki has a very high resistance to his own Quirk. However, we don’t know if that means he’s immune to boiling water, other fire quirks etc.
    Ricecake on Tumblr has pointed out that the scar might actually be a frost burn because Rei tried to help Todoroki when she burned him by using her Quirk (as applying ice to a burn can cause frostbite and further damage the skin), or that the injury was made worse from doing this…
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  4. Todorki’s hero costume is the only student so far in class 1-A to have undergone lots of changes – having essentially only kept his boots from his first costume. His new costume has a utility belt which houses metal canisters container pain medication, disinfectants, water – acting as first-aid supply. The new costume’s suit also is made to help regulate his body temperature and stave off the effects of using either side of his Quirk for too long.
    Todoroki and Midoriya also have the same costume designer.
  5. Todoroki is born on the 11th January. This makes him the 4th youngest in class 1-A

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