5 Facts to Know About Amajiki

  1. Amajiki was 17 when he debuted and is now 18. His birthday is March 4, he’s 177cm tall, and his blood type is AB. His favourite things are butterflies
  2. All of Amajiki’s super moves are named after mythical creatures. ‘Chimera’ is a creature made from the parts of different animals put together. ‘Kraken’ is a gigantic octopus-like sea monster. And ‘Centaur’ is a human with a body of a horse instead of legs.
  3. Horikoshi has said that Amajiki’s anxiety was inspired by his own experiences when he attended the Jump Festa in 2017 and was faced with the massive crowd. Horikoshi also said that Amajiki’s experience transferring schools was based off his own experiences of moving and attending a new middle school. Horikoshi said he even had someone approach him and ask to be friends like what Mirio did with Amajiki.
  4. Amajiki’s surname contains the kanji for ‘heaven’ (天 ama) and ‘eating’ (喰 jiki), and his first name contains “ring, link” (環 tamaki).
  5. Amajiki’s stats according to the Ultra Analysis Book are:
    Power 5/6 (A)
    Speed 4/6 (B)
    Technique 6/6 (S)
    Intelligence 5/6 (A)
    Communication 1/6 (E)

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My Anime Figures!

I bought my first actual anime figures recently! Look how cute they are! I absolutely love them.

I got an Amajiki one and his cloak looks really cool. You can’t really tell from this photo but it flows up and down and has his nice little details on his food and hero costume. He was pretty well-priced too which is even better.

I got a black and white Kirishima figure as well, who was pretty well-priced too. He also has the little details like the rips in his pants and his head gear is such a nice part of his hero costume.

What do you guys think about anime figures? Do you have any?

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