High-Rise Invasion: Why is it so Rushed?

I watched High-Rise Invasion on Netflix. It was a very interesting premise but overall, nothing too spectacular.

While watching its 12 episodes I assume it probably wasn’t a Netflix original story since it seemed to be rushing through material very quickly. Usually, I would assume that a Netflix original anime would be more well-progressed since the creators know they’re building a story from scratch with no confirmed second season.

So, I guessed about two episodes in that it was the anime adaption of a manga. This would make sense – that the anime was trying to rush through source material because they didn’t know if they would get a second season. So why not try to get as much in as possible?

I found out that the High-Rise Invasion manga is completed and contains 149 chapters or 21 volumes.

Before High-Rise Invasion’s anime release sites suggested that due to the large amount of source material available, the anime would cover approximately 94 chapters or 8 volumes. There’s enough here to last for several seasons.

However, the anime ended up finishing at chapter 149 or volume 12. This is over halfway through the manga. By doing this, the High-Rise Invasion creators have allowed themselves to finish the anime in 2 seasons – another 12 episodes should be enough to get through the rest of the manga source material.

Although that means lots is going to be missed out on and the anime is rushed, I understand why they’d want to get it done in 2 seasons. Netflix is known to drop anime after 2 seasons. Analysis does show that on average, Netflix original series will receive 2 seasons. After all, Netflix is aiming to gain subscribers and they need to make a variety of new content to do so.

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