Such a beautiful father and son pair

  1. They are awesome characters! They each have such interesting personalities, backgrounds and things that distinguish them as individuals

    Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 8.23.45 pm.png

  2. They obviously care for each other very much and even though they haven’t spent as much time together as they did when Shuu was younger, they’re still very concerned for each other

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  3. They share some of the same traits like their awesome purple hair! And we all know that purple hair = good. Plus both of them wear some very interesting suits and I love it. I do also like the fact that they’re both pretty extravagant and eccentric. It makes them a more exciting to watch

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  4. And of course they’re rich. They’re the Tsukiyamas. And we can’t go through the entirety of Tokyo Ghoul without getting to see some nice, posh, fancy gardens and an estate

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  5. Both of them are very capable fighters. Shuu’s fight scenes are some of my favourites, he just manages to make them a bit more lively! And Mirumo hasn’t really had any action scenes but he’s been shown to be very skilled with his kagune and quite powerful. I also like that both of their kagunes take on cool forms

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