He hated doing all the grunt work. He slouched down onto the large wooden create, his heavy frame causing it to creak. This was boring. All he had to do was guard a stock exchange.

Takumi glanced down at his arm. His full-body gear was covering all the tattoos. He was decorated like everyone else – though if you asked him, he had some of the better artwork on him.

“Why are we even wearing all this?” Takumi grunted. “This is meant to be a simple job. Any idiot could do this.”
“Did you even read the file report?” Kendo replied.
“Course I did, you idiot. Just because it’s some fancy-ass CEO though doesn’t mean we have to be here.”
“Well, I suppose I have worked pretty hard to get to where I am now. I could be doing something a lot more gratifying than this. Can’t say the same thing about you though.”
“Fuck you!”
“You wish you could,” Kendo rolled his eyes.
“What’d you say you little shit?!”
Kendo glanced side-ways at Takumi, who’s fist was clenching up. Kendo could see the clear veins outlining those knuckles and sighed, “I’m not the one with the temper problem that’s prevented me from moving up through the ranks, you know?”
It’d been two years and already the kid was prancing around like he owned the entire goddamn place. That pissed Takumi off. “You’re not in charge of this operation.”
“Neither are you.”

Takumi thought back to those memories. Standing in the middle of a pristine room. Standing at a desk facing a man who insisted on dressing solely in Gucci. The insufferable prick. The man had run through the plans of the operation with Takumi. He knew how much of a gamble it was to go through with this, but he also understood what an honour it was to be entrusted with a mission like this.

Takumi sighed, “Yeah, that’s true kid.” He hated that he had to back down. Even more so when he saw that smug smirk Kendo gave in return.

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