5 Facts to Know About Shoji Mezo

1. Shoji’s birthday is 15th February (making him the youngest in Class 1-A), he’s 187cm tall (making him the tallest in Class 1-A), his blood type is B, and he was born in the Fukuoka Prefecture.

2. Shoji’s favourite foods are Takoyaki and squid ink pasta.

3. Shoji was ranked 6th during the Quirk Apprehension Test, with his grip strength record being 540kg (his previous record was 46kg in middle school).

4. Concept art shows what could possibly be Mezo’s face under his mask, where he has a wide mouth and a set of jagged teeth.

5. Shoji’s surname contains the kanji ‘to harm’ (障 shō) and ‘child, character’ (子 ji). His first name contains ‘eyeball’ (目 me)’ and ‘storehouse’ (蔵 ).

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