5 Facts to Know About Shigaraki Tomura

  1. Shigaraki was born April 4th and is 175cm tall.
  2. Shigaraki’s surname contains the kanji for ‘death’ (死 shi), ‘handle, grip’ (柄 gara) and ‘tree’ (木 ki), and his first name contains ‘funerals’ (弔 tomura). His birth name Shimura Tenko, contains the kanji for ‘intention’ (志 shi), ‘village’ (村 mura), ‘revolve’ (転 ten) and ‘arc’ (弧 ko).
  3. Shigaraki in his initial design was a lot creepier – having empty, black eyes and mouth.
  4. Hirokoshi has said that he found drawing the hands Shigaraki wears very difficult. He has said that he almost cried every week having to draw “a particular character” (assumed to be Shigaraki).
  5. The hands that Shigaraki wears belong to: his mother (worn around his neck), his maternal grandfather (worn on his upper arms), his maternal grandmother (worn on his elbows), his older sister (worn on his wrists), two random men who made Shigaraki angry (worn on his shoulders), his father (worn on his face), and Nana’s hand (worn on the back of his head).

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