She-Ra: Princesses of Power is returning to Netflix for season 3 on the 2nd August. And I am HYPED. So, what better way to prepare for the release by binge-watching seasons 1 and 2 again, and scrolling through the internet for theories?


Catra will be banished to Beast Island

This theory has been floating around quite a bit recently. It states that Catra will be banished to Beast Island at some point in the series and there she’ll grow the most and learn more about her own past. Whether she’ll return redeemed and ready for a fresh start, escape from the Horde, join the Rebellion or maybe even fully embrace the evil of the Horde we’ll have to wait and see.

The Tumblr account invisible-pink-toast also has a more fleshed out theory about Catra being banished to Beast Island that involves other characters’ fates. It’s a pretty interesting read and a very plausible theory!

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Don’t Trust the First Ones

This theory states that the First Ones haven’t been that honest with us. Think about it… They entirely rearranged the natural order of a planet they colonised, just left for no apparent reason and aren’t exactly explaining what happened with She-Ra Maara. This has led people to think that perhaps they’re even the main antagonists of the series.

(Slice of Otaku has the only source I can find to credit with this theory. His video is very good if you’d like to watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSGrqHkloa0)


Maara was affected by a virus

Tumblr user realm-of-etheria theorises that the virus that affects She-Ra is the reason Maara went ‘rogue.’ They propose that the virus that affects She-Ra and drives her kind of insane is the reason why Maara lost control of her powers and went on a rampage like we learnt in season 2. If Maara was too powerful and no-one could take the sword away from her, then that explains why no-one could stop her from doing whatever she did.

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