When I come back from a break, I do so with a 2000 word post to force upon all of you at the ready

So now that I have had an appropriate amount of time to freak out about Voltron, I thought I should write something about it. Usually I’d try to make a post like this ‘6 things to talk about’ since it’s season 6, but way too much happened in this season that I need to vent about.

This season literally hit us all like a tornado that none of us were ready for, and there was no red slippers or Glinda the Good Witch to greet us at the end of it – only tears, stress and an empty bucket of ice-cream. And yes I know I am literally weeks behind on this review but my Instagram feed nor me have fully recovered yet and then all of a sudden the season 7 release date was announced and it’s been a wild ride really. And then I went to sleep last night only to wake up to the news that Shiro was engaged to a man named Adam and has a chronic illness and probably only a few years left in ‘peak condition’ before he left Earth and just wow I wasn’t ready for any of this! But I’m so excited about everything that’s happened in season 6 and what’s to come in season 7 because there is just so much going on!

And some things to mention before I launch in:
– I’m calling the clone of Shiro either Clone Shiro or Kuron during this
– It’s Texas Kogane for me. And I love him with all my heart ❤

So let’s begin!

1. Lotor
Remember when #JusticeForLotor trended for a little bit? I don’t fully agree with it, but my AJ-biasness [AJ is Lotor’s VA] means that I fully understand Lotor’s position because that’s the mentality I’ve been mainly exposed to. He was abused, neglected and refused to accept who he was. He didn’t know how to get what he wanted, he had parents hellbent on universal domination, and also potentially was exposed to Quintessence while he was still in the womb. Anyone would be messed up after all of that. Lotor may be an antagonist, but I can fully sympathise with him with because his intentions were true even if he definitely did not go about it the right way. And if AJ tells me that it warms his heart to see #JusticeForLotor, then goddamnit I’m going to support it with everything I’ve got just to make that man happy. Also I’m too impressed with Lotor’s lying abilities to really be mad at him.
But also when we met Daic and Lotor does his little blush and sweat droplet? That’s so cute. And also the fact that if you watch the part where he tells Hunk that Daic could teach him about the Galran empire and you just watch Lotor, he totally knows how hard it is and knows he’s setting Hunk up and is loving it.
But yes, Lotor has done terrible things and now we know about them.
2. Kuron
This was so, so sad. The whole scene with Keith, the fact that the clone tried his best to live like the real Shiro and all he wanted was to be a paladin… *goes away to cry for an hour*
3. All the romantic ships – Allurance and Klance and Lotura and Texas Kogane/Krolia
Klance this season didn’t really have much going for it which some shippers were not happy about at all, but really why would it? Keith has been away for a while and they had some serious and important things to deal with immediately.
Then there was Allurance… A ship I personally don’t ship romantically because it’s one-sided. They clearly respect each other, but Allura only views Lance platonically and they have a good friendship that they’ve worked to develop. And Dreamworks seems to be heading more in the direction of setting Keith up as Lance’s endgame love interest, as we all know Keith is more well-suited to Lance as far as teamwork goes, being a support system for him and helping him improve as a person.
Then from the flashbacks we can gather that Krolia never wanted to leave Earth, and see how amazing her and Texas Kogane were and they’re so perfect I love them both Keith has the most amazing parents *cries enough to fill the Mariana Trench* But also, the fact that Krolia didn’t actually want to leave Earth means that once the war is over, there’s a chance that her and Keith might stay there because they want to be closer to Texas Kogane and even live in their family house.
And finally… Lotura was a mess. I do think that Lotor had genuine feelings for Allura but obviously he’s done some nasty shit and there’s no way she could forgive him for any of it. Then he looses it in the Quintessence field, so that ship sunk faster than the Titanic ever could. Which is sad, because I feel like if Lotor had taken better actions throughout his life and worked on developing a better mentality regarding his identity and working on his own issues then their relationship could have been very healthy as they were very supportive of each other probably would have had a great shot at lasting.
4. The Castle of Lions
To be honest I didn’t think I could try from a castle being destroyed, but Dreamworks gave it their best try. The fact too that while we watch the Paladins all bring something of their own with them but Lance only brought Kaltenecker made me relieved that the cow was okay, but also sad that Lance didn’t decorate his room. He didn’t make it feel like a home to him because he didn’t feel at home, his home is with his family…
5. The Altean Colony
Is it even real? What’s happening with it??? It all makes sense at the moment, but then when you consider that in the original Voltron that Romelle was actually Haggar in disguise… What is Dreamworks going to do with this information? Because since the colony was in some large area designed to be like Allura’s room with all the flowers, then technically something could have happened. Haggar could have got to the colony and brainwashed Romelle or something. It could all be a lie. Romelle herself could just be something created by Haggar. But then why did Lotor react? Why didn’t we actually get to see any Alteans apart from Romelle in the present time? And why did Haggar want Lotor to have Voltron turn against him? Maybe this is Haggar’s way to get her son to turn to her side?
6. The DnD episode
Kuron just wanted to be a paladin!!! It’s so sad!!!
Also Lance’s thing with the invisibility cloak and how he’s so loud so it seems like a weird choice of item for him… But I’ve seen lots of people pointing out that it’s probably because that’s how Lance feels in the team: invisible. Which is true but also heart wrenching.
But this episode was such a nice episode and a nice little break form all the chaos of the season.
7. The Koganes
Krolia is such a badass mum and it’s so awesome that Keith got to spend two years with her on that whale.
The wolf is also precious and I’m so excited to learn what it’s name is. Lauren’s [Lauren Montgomery is an executive producer, director, and storyboard artist for the show] hinted that they can’t reveal the wolf’s name yet, so perhaps it’s going to have some significance later on? My favourite theory about the wolf’s name is that Keith named his pet after his dad, and since we don’t know Keith’s dad name yet either then maybe it’s going to be brought up later as something big next season. (Especially considering that we’ve seen Keith’s dad from quite early on and he still hasn’t been named, yet minor characters who only appearance once still received a name.)
And Texas Kogane is a tough competitor with Shiro for my favourite character now if I’m being honest – the accent is beautiful, how nice he was, how much he loved his family and how he just found an alien and went with it all is great. And you might have seen how ‘Texas was a firefighter’ posts have spread across the internet, and the theory that that’s probably why he died young is so tragic. But he’s so beautiful and they had to make him amazing so that we would get upset.
And baby Keith with his little mullet is the cutest thing ever!
8. Going back home to Earth
Road trip next season! And the exciting thing about that is not only is there the potential for all the Holts will be back together, that Lance will get to see his family again, that Krolia and Keith will visit Texas Kogane’s grave… It seems that with no threat currently looming upon them at any second in season 7 (at least for the first few episodes of the 13 episodes long season) there will probably be more ‘natural’ interactions between the characters for the most part until they reach Earth. They’ll be room for Lance’s character development, them relaxing and having some fun, Lauren [an executive producer, director, and storyboard artist for the show] has said that there will be more Monsters and Mana… Also someone needs to address the fact that Keith almost sacrificed himself and that Lance did die, so hopefully next season that’ll happen please.
And speaking about Lance’s character development, his arc has to be next season I think. His family is such a big part of his identity and he’s slipped back into his older, really insecure thoughts this season. But now that Shiro is back (Lance’s role model) and so is Keith (who has been Lance’s main support about his insecurities throughout this series is as well), Lance really should be getting some more development soon! It’ll also be interesting see about how Lance handles having to go back into space once they build a ship for team Voltron again, considering how he has said he’ll step down as a paladin before and now that Shiro is back Lance might offer do the same again – especially since he would probably want to stay with his family (or at least definitely return to Earth once the war is over). Though the Voltron crew and cast do like to be cryptic too and @voltronofficial has released a post about how ‘the white lion isn’t done with Shiro yet.’ So what I’m thinking is that Lance could still have this doubtful moment about whether or not he stays a Paladin, but he will because Shiro is probably going to get the white lion to somehow pilot.
And also now that the season 7 trailer is out (watch it here) we can see that Earth is having some problems, so there’s going to be some interesting things happen with things like the Holts’ reunion and the fact that everyone seems to think that the Paladins have died (well, I mean, Shiro did but yeah moving on). But by far the biggest thing that we’ve learnt from the trailer is that Shiro had a fiance! So we’ll get to see Shiro and his ex-partner (apparently) reunite maybe, or maybe not, but either way it will be emotional time for sure! (Season 7 seems to be filled with lots of flashbacks of Keith from his Garrison days and of Shiro’s too from what we’ve seen so far from SDCC. If you want to watch the flashback with Shiro and Adam it’s here and if you want to read about what Lauren apparently said about Shiro and Adam at the Voltron panel it’s here)
9. Other characters
Where is Matt? With the rebels? And what about the BOM? They weren’t brought in at all in this? And when the Galra Generals got blasted off into space were they close to that explosion? Hopefully we’ll get to find out more about what they’ve been doing or what happening to them next season.

So as far as virtually everything, I think this season has definitely been the best. The animation was so, so amazing this season (especially Keith’s battle with Shiro), the plot was interesting and the voice acting, although always great, was my favourite this season (the Keith vs Shiro scene was the one where Steven [Keith’s VA] cried in and AJ [Lotor’s VA] screamed a lot throughout this and literally everyone always does and did so great). So yes, I recommend.