“I hate, hate, hate everyone… but that’s alright. I can use my screams to blow them all away. I bet dead people are a lot easier to get along with”

  1. One of Crona’s hobbies is writing morbid poetry

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  2. In Chapter 87, it’s revealed that Crona’s favourite food is pasta

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  3. Crona’s sex is unknown. The Soul Eater creator Atushi Okubo has stated that they do not know Crona’s sex, which is why in the Japanese manga text Crona is referred to with non-gender specific pronouns. However, Funimation and Yen Press decided to use male pronouns in the English translation of the anime and manga. This is because they didn’t want to use ‘it’ as they felt it would be too demeaning

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  4. The first three characters of the katakana that make up Ragnarok’s name actually spell ‘crona’

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  5. Black Sword is actually a Scandinavian broadsword, which is more commonly known as a Viking sword. In norse mythology, it’s interesting to then note that Ragnarok is actually the name given to a series of future events where it’s believed that there will be a great battle which will result in the death of a number of major Norse gods such as Odin, Thor and Loki. There will also be natural disasters that cause the world to be submerged under water

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  6. Crona’s English voice actor, Maxey Whitehead, has said that her favourite role so far in her career has been Crona

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  7. Crona’s main catchphrase is, “I don’t know how to deal with…” They use another phrase though when they’re in their maddened state, which is when they tell their opponent that their blood is black

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