“Happiness is a warm puppy” – Lucy

  1. Snoopy’s original name was actually going to be Sniffy, but was already being used in another comic

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  2. Linus was named after a childhood friend of Schulz and so was Frieda who was based upon a former romantic interest of Schulz who turned down his proposal…

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  3. There are a total of 17 879 strips in this comic series. It ran for 50 years starting from the 2nd October 1950 until January 30th 2000

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  4. Linus didn’t actually speak for the first two years that he was featured in the comics

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  5. Because of Marcie’s glasses we never got to see her eyes until 1980 where in one strip Patty tries to convince her to where the glasses on top of her head and she ends up running into a pole

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  6. Peppermint Patty’s legal name is actually Patricia Reichardt

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  7. Frieda, the infamous redheaded girl and the object of Charlie’s affections, was never fully seen in the comic ever. Only once in 1998 did her silhouette get shown. However, when It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown aired in 1977 everyone finally got to see what she looked like!

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  8. Apparently Charlie’s head is really hard to draw. There are also two head types for all the characters – the one based upon the Browns and the one based upon the van Pelts

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  9. Woodstock was first seen in the strips in 1967 but wasn’t referred to by his name in the comic until 1970

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  10. TV executives thought A Charlie Brown Christmas would be a disaster for views. They were skeptical about the facts that: children were cast as the voices of the characters despite their lack of professional training and experience for voice acting, Linus was given a monologue which contained Bible quotes, it has a jazzy track and had quite a slow storytelling pace. However, when the program then aired received many views. It then also later an Emmy and became one of the longest-running holidays specials of all time!

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