5 Facts to Know About Kai Chisaki

  1. In flashbacks Overhaul as a child is voiced by Caitlin Glass in the dub, who also voices Mina Ashido.
  2. Overhaul was only labelled as a B-rank Villain.
  3. Overhaul’s surname contains the symbols for ‘govern, regulate, administer’ (() chi), ‘promontory, cape, spit’ ((さき)saki). His first name contains the symbols for ‘revolve, return, curving’ ((かい)kai).
  4. Overhaul is only one out of two villains named after their Quirk – the other being All for One.
  5. Although Overhaul has been shown to have many symptoms of different mental illnesses and in the anime is shown to break out in hives whenever his mysophobia is triggered, he has never been canonically diagnosed within the series.

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