The 2003 animated TV series is what I’m most familiar with. That’s the one that I was raised on as a 2000 born baby.

1. Astro Boy’s first appearance was in 1951 in Captain Atom in which he held a supporting role, before being given his own series.

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2. Astro Boy originally started off fighting crime with seven powers: jet powered flight, analytical skills, multilingualism, super hearing, headlight eyes, hidden weapons in his back and the ability to tell if a person is good or evil. Since then though more powers have been added to his repertoire.

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3. There have been three different Astro Boy TV series (all animated) from 1963, 1980 and 2003.

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4. Astro Boy has robot relatives! These include his sister Zoran/Uran, his brother Cobalt and his robotic Mama and Papa.

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5. Osamu Tezuka (the creator of Astro Boy), is also the creator of the manga/anime series Kimba The White Lion and Black Jack!

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