5 Facts to Know About Recovery Girl (Shūzenji Chiyo)

1. Recovery Girl’s real name is Shūzenji Chiyo, her height is only 115cm, her blood type is B, she was born in Tokyo, and her birthday is April 4th (which means she has the same birthday as Shigaraki, Tskuachi [the police force detective] and Kesagiriman Man [a Pro Hero who was a part of the Hassaikai raid]).

2. According to Recovery Girl’s character profile, her favourite thing is candy and she’s worked at U.A. for over 40 years. Due to how long she’s been at U.A. her opinions and words hold just as much weight as Principal Nezu’s. Horikoshi has also stated that Recovery girl is the supporting mainstay of U.A.

3. Recovery Girl’s first English voice actress Juli Erickson retired, and Recovery Girl’s voice acting role was given to Luci Christian. Luci Christian also voices Uraraka.

4. Recovery Girl’s first name “Chiyo” contains the characters for “heal” (治 chi) and “bestow” (与 yo). Her surname “Shūzenji” contains the characters for “discipline” (修 shū), “virtuous” (善 zen) and “Buddhist temple” (寺 ji). It’s believed that the first part of this surname may come from the word “repair, mend” ((しゅう)[しゅう]修(しゅう)[ぜん] shūzen) and/or may be a tribute to Shuzenji, which is a town in Shizuoka known for its hot springs, since it has the same spelling.

5. According to the Ultra Archive Recovery Girl’s stats are:
Power 1/5 (E)
Speed 1/5 (E)
Technique 5/5 (A)
Intelligence 5/5 (A)
Cooperativeness 4/5 (B)

According to the Ultra Analysis her stats are:
Power 1/6 (E)
Speed 1/6 (E)
Technique 5/6 (A)
Wits 5/6 (A)
Recovery 6/6 (S)