What’s Your Favourite Anime Cliche?

Anime has cliches. It’s just a fact.

There’s cliches like nose bleeds, dead mums, the protagonists having vastly different coloured and styled hair than other characters, glowing when you power up, tripping and falling into someone, and more.

I think my favourites are sneezing when someone thinks of you. It’s just cute to have a little cut scene to someone sneezing then going back to the topic.

I also quite like what Jujutsu Kaisen did with the ‘screaming your attacks’ trope. Usually it’s a trope used so viewers know what’s going on – although it doesn’t make much point for the characters to do so in their storyworld. That’s why I like how Jujutsu Kaisen made this trope make sense. For Jujutsu Sorcerers they partake in a contract where their technique becomes more effective if they explain it to their opponent!

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