My brother’s finished his Yu-Gi-Oh marathon. Now he’s moved onto a Pokemon marathon…

  1. Mina’s name means ‘jasmine’

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 7.29.12 pm.png

  2. Lana is the only Trial Captain who doesn’t keep her Pokemon in Ultra Balls

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  3. Kiawe in the games has been fired from his part-time job. But in the manga Kiawe works part-time at Thrifty Megamart so that he can save up enough money to study fire dancing abroad

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  4. Ilima is 165cm tall

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  5. Mallow’s name comes from the word ‘mallow’ (shocking, I know). Mallow is a family of plants that includes cotton and this also explains why her Japanese name is Mao, which is from the Hawaiian word ‘ma’o,’ meaning ‘cotton’

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  6. Sophocles is the only Trial Captain in the game to not give the player a set of Poke Balls after they complete his trial

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  7. As it turns out, Acerola isn’t actually related to Nanu, whom she calls ‘uncle.’ It’s explained in the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon: The Official Strategy Guide that Acerola calls Nanu this as a term of endearment and to show how close she is to Nanu

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*Spoilers ahead*

Okay, so when I say ‘concerned’ I mean ‘things that I’m not particularly liking a whole lot’ and ‘I hope that I can get over this stuff despite my pettiness and aversion to accept things don’t go in a way that I can accept’ and ‘I think my lack of emotional investment in this manga at the moment is currently making my judgement quite illogical.’

  1. Hide’s character

    Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.31.40 pm.png
    He was perfect. And he’s still perfect. He will always be perfect. You can’t change me mind.
    But it’s still all too confusing for meeeeeeee!!! I need someone to do up an in-depth analysis of his character, a relationship chart between Hide and every single character in the series that he’s interacted with and a timeline of the events that have occurred throughout his life. He seems fine, but then he seems dodgy too. Plus is he or isn’t he being set up to be an antagonist? I don’t know and it’s hurting my brain! >_<

  2. The actual storyline

    Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.35.19 pm.png
    Re has some really cool scenes and stuff in it, you know? But the storyline isn’t exactly as thrilling to me anymore as it used to be… I don’t know, maybe I just need to reread it at least from root A again to get more emotionally involved in the series (because if it doesn’t make me feel anything then chances are I’m not going to like it a lot).
    But my negativity could also stem from how my poor baby Tsukiyama has been recently. I want him to have all the happiness.

  3. The whole Touka x Keneki thing

    Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.28.56 pm.png
    I don’t know… I’m not against it or anything, but maybe some more development throughout the earlier arcs would have been nice between them? Or maybe there was a hell of a lot of tension between them and I’m just blind and didn’t pick up on it? Sometimes I struggle to pick on stuff when it’s low-key so…
    And the whole pregnancy thing is something I struggled to read, though I think that’s just because I’m struggling to relate to Touka’s way of thinking. I can understand that she thought it would be another ‘stressful’ thing for Kaneki to deal with and that is probably why she was pretty defensive about it. But although she did tell Keneki in the end, she didn’t really want to… And like I said, I’m struggling to understand Touka because I value communication a lot so hiding this sort of thing, even if the likelihood of the pregnancy being successful is slim and it could be another burden for the partner, is something I’d still want them to know about. Because I think that they have the right to know about a little person that they helped create. So these values aren’t exactly helping me like Touka’s character more, especially because I wasn’t that fond of her to start with.
    And the marriage part was a bit too sudden for me. But like I said before, that could be because I’m useless at picking up hints. But this could also just because I don’t think that couples should get married just being they’re expecting a child. I don’t know if this was one of the reasons why Kaneki wanted to marry Touka, but I think they should get married solely because they want to – not because Touka’s expecting.

    So yeah, in conclusion, I am a biased person. I’m struggling to understand Touka at the moment and I think I just want more clarification about all of the characters’ mind states, thoughts and feelings. And this is why I will now be devoting a good chunk of my time to going through analyses on Tumblr.