5 Facts to Know About Nobara Kugasaki

  1. Nobara is 160cm tall, dyes her hair orange, was born August 7th.
  2. She’s known to buy lots of food and try on a lot of clothes, with her favourite brands being Balenciaga and Onitsuka Tiger.
  3. According to the JJK Official Fanbook, Nobara’s enrolment method was “Grandmother’s recommendation (they had a fight though).”
  4. Nobara’s favourite food is popular food and watermelon, and her least favourite is lightly picked vegetables. Her cause of stress is dehydration.
  5. Nobara’s surname contains the kanji for ‘nail, peg, tack’ (釘 kugi) and ‘peninsula, cape’ (崎 saki). Her first name contains ‘wilderness’  (野 no) and ‘rose’ (薔薇 bara).

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