What’s the Best Guilty Pleasure Anime?

I feel like guilty pleasure anime would be considered fan-service filled anime or anime that are popularly disliked. Ones that come to mind include Sword Art Online or Food Wars. After all, guilty pleasures are pleasures we feel ‘guilty’ about.

A series that popped up multiple times when I was looking up ‘guilty pleasure anime’ online was Keijo. It was ranked quite highly too in this category! Keijo is an anime series based upon the manga of the same name. The series is set in an alternative reality where a new, women-only gambling sport known as ‘keijo’ has quickly become a trend in Japan. ‘Keijo’ matches are conducted on floating platforms known as ‘Land’ in a swimming pool stadium. Players aim to push their opponents into the water using their breasts or butts. The story follows Nozomi Kaminashi, an Olympic athlete, who becomes a player to win the high earnings the game offers. While participating, Kaminashi defeats her opponents and learns about the ways to fame and fortune in a new sport with more challenges that she could have ever imagined.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure anime? Have you seen Keijo, did you like it?

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