1. Izuku’s favourite food is katsudon (pork cutlet bowl)deku food.jpg
  2. Izuku’s name contains the kanji for ‘green’ (緑), ‘valley’ (谷), ‘being from a certain place/coming out’ (出) and ‘long ago’ (久)deku.jpg
  3. Izuku was actually first planned to be an adult, as seen in the one-shot My Hero. Horikoshi in the early concept stages of MHA had named Izuku’s character ‘Mikumo Akatani.’ Mikumo had curlier and longer hair than Izuku with bangs that covered one of his eyes. Like Izuku, Mikumo was quirkless. But he had a much more “intimidating” costume than Izuku and relied heavily on gadgets and luck to deal with challengesScreenshot_2019-08-08 Izuku Midoriya.jpg
  4. Izuku is 166cm tall (which makes him the 8th shortest/13th tallest out of the 20 students in Class 1-A)izuku 9
  5. In the U.A. Student Information Sheet that Aizawa is shown to have in episode 39 of the anime, it can be seen that Izuku’s Quirk is registered as “Super-Power” for the public records (in order to protect the secret about “One For All”)deku 2.jpg

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