Would You Rather? Demon Slayer

Would you rather:
Be a Breath of the Beast user?
Be a Breath of the Mist user?

Would you rather:
Have your sword made by Hotaru Haganezuka?
Have a different type of weapon (like how Gyomei Himejima uses a spiked flail and axe)?

Would you rather:
Become a Demon?
Become a Hashira?

Would you rather:
Be trained by Shinobu?
Be trained by Urokodaki?

Would you rather:
Have Giyu’s crow?
Have Zenitsu’s bird?

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My Acrylic Stands!

I have some acrylic stands that I love a lot.

I have:
A cute Giyu and Tanjiro with their swords.
A Megumi and Itadori/Sukuna stand.
A lovely Aizawa acrylic (he was a gift given to me and he’s honestly probably my favourite one).
A Bakugou one (badly photographed by me hahah).
A Shinobu one.
And super cute Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Insouke stands I display as a set (they each are also meant to have an additional little piece that has their name on it in front of their character on the stand but I liked their look without it. Don’t worry though, I’ve kept the pieces in case I change my mind later on!)

Do you have acrylic stands? Any favourites or ones that you want to get?

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