5 Facts to Know About Hitoshi Shinso

1. Shinso is 177cm tall


2. His name is made up of the kanji for ‘heart, mind’ (心 ‘shin’), ‘manipulate, operate’ (操 ‘so’) and ‘person’ (人 ‘hito’), ‘use’ (使 ‘shi’)

The kanji that makes up ‘shinso’ can also mean ‘chastity,’ ‘honest’ or ‘to rig into one’s favour.’ It is also pronounced pretty similarly to the Japanese word for ‘heart’ (心臓 ‘shinzo’)


3. Shinso likes cats and enjoys bicycling


4. His birthday is the 1st July


5. Hirokoshi is known to be a pretty big fan of western superheroes and comics, so fans have speculated that Shinso might be a reference to/inspired by Purple Man (a Marvel comics supervillain).

Purple Man’s body produces pheromones which allow him to verbally control people’s action, while Shinso’s mind-control quirk is activated when someone verbally responds to him.

And while Shinso has purple hair and eyes, Purple Man has purple skin and hair. This is because as a physician turned international spy, Purple Man was accidentally doused during a mission in chemicals while infiltrating a chemical refinery


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