Please ignore the terribleness of this.

“You are not a vampire.”
– I’d lost count of how many times I’d hear that phrase. Uttered by people down these hallways caged in metal lockers. An endless path leading them to nowhere expect closer to the time of their impending deaths.
– My pale skin, actually translucent in parts of my body, burns in the sun. Its harsh rays beat down upon me. “It’s because she’s from Russia,” I heard people mutter. And I’d laugh to myself quietly about that. I tend to carry a bottle of sunscreen with me though, wherever I go. And fully embrace hats out in the sun. I’ve grown quite fond of wide brimmed ones recently too… It’s much better than when I used to wear a hoodie outside anyway.
– The black attire when I first came here throw people off as well. And once I heard the whispers about how I looked like I’d stepped out of something like Dracula (the 1931 film), I started to play it up. I grew out my black hair, now down to my hips and naturally dead straight. My back jeans swapped out to black, gothic skirts. And my natural face started to adorn gothic, heavy makeup. Wearing black capes out in public too always manages to get a reaction or two.
– Freshman tend to always be afraid of me. I’ve perfected by resting bitch face to complete the badass, gothic look I rock too. And my constant avoidance of mirrors makes people suspicious. I never eat at lunch too with anyone. Instead choosing to spend my time in the library reading whatever I can.
– I love fuelling the rumours I always hear. I’m happy with my life, my family and few friends that I have are great. High school is just a hive of gossiping bees really.
– But if only they knew the truth…

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