“Happy to serve!” – Soma

  1. Soma

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    So, Subaru Mimasak’s investigations (that are done by the Totsuki Autumn Election) has revealed that Soma is:
    – 171 cm tall
    – Weighs 57 kg
    – Has the blood type B
    – Owns 5 pairs of shoes
    – Has slept on average of 6 hours and 14 minutes within the past month
    – And, starts brushing his teeth from his lower right molar

  2. Erina

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    Erina’s favourite song is Amaryllis (according to the volume 23 extras). She also likes card games

  3. Ikumi

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    Ikumi’s name is written as ‘郁魅’ in kanji. The first character means ‘cultural progress’ or ‘perfume’ while the second character means ‘fascination’

  4. Isami

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    Isami’s name reflects his cooking style. Isami specialises in Italian cuisine but he fuses it with some Japanese cuisine too, while ’Isami’ is a pretty common Japanese boy’s name and ‘Aldini’ (his last name) is a common name in Tuscany

  5. Megumi

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    Megumi has been give three different nicknames from Totsuki Academy alumni, and all of these names are based upon yokai