“If someone means any harm against the Young Master in this mansion, no matter who they are, these servants will have no mercy on them” – Tanaka 

  1. Sebastian

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    Sebastian is the one who taught Finnian and Mey-Rin how to read

  2. Baldroy

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    Baldroy is afraid of snakes, which is why whenever Snake and his snakes appear at the Manor he hides behind Finnian. Baldroy’s mentioned before that his fear stems from an incident that happened in Arizona, though we don’t know exactly what that incident is…

  3. Tanaka

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    In the early drafts of the manga, Tanaka had thicker hair. Toboso has also revealed that his character was modelled after his late voice actor, Shunji Fujimura

  4. Finnian

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    As shown in chapter 87, it seems that Finnian can actually speak some German!

  5. Mey-Rin

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    In the first episode of Black Butler Mey-Rin’s eyes are blue, but then they are hazel for the rest of the anime… However, in the manga her eyes are actually red

  6. Snake

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    Snake is said to be half-snake, so it makes sense that his skin has some scales on it. But he seems to be quite self-conscious about this, as he was insecure about it when two ladies in Campania were talking about his skin and its snake-like properties. Being a human-snake hybrid though does allow him to understand snakes, allows snakes to speak though him, and also means that he can fall under the influence of a snake charming flute (they make him dizzy and faint)