What Anime Streaming Services Do You Use?

What sites do you use to stream anime on?

I use Netflix, Crunchyroll and Anime Lab. I don’t have premium for Crunchyroll or Anime Lab so there is some content I cannot watch there, but I find between the three of these services I have more than enough of things to watch.

I probably use Netflix the most honestly to watch anime. I watched things like Demon Slayer, Japan Sinks 2020, Haikyuu! season 1 and 2, A.I.C.O. and Dorohedoro on it. I find that Crunchyroll and Anime Lab then between the two of them have pretty much all the content I could want. For example, if Anime Lab doesn’t have Yuri on Ice!!! then Crunchyroll will.

I don’t really mind the differences between these three sites either. They’re all accessible and although the ads can be boring I guess it’s the price I pay to not pay for the service so I’ll sit there and watch them. I do like how they also blank out what you’ve already seen so you know where to watch from. Do you have any anime service provider preferences?

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