Would you like to know what the hell this is? Because Id love to know too please.

I was rummaging through some of my old files the other day as you do – and then I found this. It slightly confuses me, I don’t know what genre or format of anything about what this is meant to be and I just want to know… why?

So naturally I thought I would share it so then we can then all be confused together!


She dances into my room.
Her eyes are alight with knowledge,
her spirits are abuzz with contentment.

She gracefully brings herself
down to my level.
I feel my soul being bared.
Her eyes are like a deep ocean
I could forever take refuge in.

She leans in closer, holding me tight.
She gentle kisses my forehead
as her lips form a melodic tune,

“Listen closely my child…”
Her beauty always astounds me –
it would turn a goddess would green with envy.
It is something I could never match.
Never could I match her.

I glance upon her face.
I see no flaw which tarnishes the angel.
If only I could match it.

“Listen closely my child…” she whispers,
“For I am about to give you advice.”
I lean in closer, ready to learn.
I inhale the scent of rose as
I ready myself to learn.

“Number one,” she muses,
“On the first date, check his balance statement.”
I gasp, slightly taken aback at such as superficial notion.

“Number two,” her voice is like honey
as it trickles down one’s throat,
“When choosing a husband, look at his parents.
They’ll tell you how well he’ll age.
I gulp, feeling a cool breeze chill my bones.

“Number three,” she laughs, “It doesn’t matter
how much you like him –
he’ll be out working most of the time.”

I choke on the stale air around me,
numbed by wisdom she has departed upon me.
She sashays away.
The glitter of her robe leaves a trail as she departs.
I sit there. Still.

Disbelieving her words.
Not her. Not her.
She uttered such superficial words.
Not her. Not her.

Not those hands which holds me.
Not that gentle embrace which reassures me.
Not that melodic voice that sings to me.
Not her. Not her.

I look to her again. Slightly less perfect.
Beautiful still, but human.