Anime Conventions I’d Like to Go to One Day (USA Edition)

I’ve only ever gotten to go to the 2017 and 2019 Oz Comic-Con that’s held in my city. And unfortunately due to COVID-19, anime conventions where I live haven’t been held in a while. I really liked some panels at the two I went to, seeing all the cosplayers, and spending forever in the artist alleys!

The first convention that’ll be held again since the pandemic began that I can go to and has anime things is happening soon in my city. I will probably go to it (although it is mostly for TV shows and movies) to experience another convention!

This is me seeing all the amazing artists and cosplayers

But seeing conventions overseas I’m always so excited to look at all the photos everyone takes! There’s such cool looking things to do and see! They sell so much exclusive merch, have so many cosplayers and it just seems like a fun environment.

I’m going to list conventions that are in the US for this post, just because the super large ones in countries such as Japan and Malaysia scare me a bit due to their sheer amount of attendees (I’m Australian and have never traveled overseas so I’m not used to having so many people all in one place. A fun fact actually about where I live is that the city is almost 3500km² larger than Sydney but has half the population size, and is a little over 5800km² larger than Melbourne and also has half the population size. Sydney and Melbourne are also the most populated cities in Australia). One day I’d love to work up the courage to attend a massive event such as Comiket in Japan which brings in over 750,000 people.

Let’s get started!

The conventions that seem the most exciting for me that I’ve seen are:

Otakon held in Washington, DC. I like that it’s an educational non-profit and has educational elements throughout the event.

Youmacon held in Detroit, Michigan. It’s the largest convention in Michigan and has strict regulations in place to prevent things like public drunkenness which I appreciate.

Sakura-con held in Seattle, Washington. It is a three day convention with a 24 hour program. This 24 hour program is a major ‘yes let me go there’ for me!

Anime Boston held obviously, in Boston. People just really seem to like this convention? Which is usually promising.

Do you have a favourite convention? Or any convention you would recommend I put on my radar?

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