5 Facts to Know About Jin Bubaigawara

  1. Twice’s birthday is May 10, he is 178cm, and smokes cigarettes.
  2. Twice’s preliminary design was very similar to his current – the main difference being that his costume has four eye openings instead of two.
  3. Twice is currently the villain who had the quickest raise in villain ranking – moving from C to S in just a few months. He is only the only lieutenant of the PLF to be an S-ranked villain.
  4. Twice’s surname is pronounced and written the same as a train station in Tokyo (it is jointly run by two separate railroad stations). The kanji used in his first name ‘仁’ is also similar to the kanji for the number two ‘二.’
  5. According to his Volume 24 profile, Twice’s costume was specially ordered by Giran. It was designed to be ‘tough yet easy on the skin.’ Since Twice is unable to hold together a normal life and income, and lost all the money he stole, the costume cost more than anything he could afford himself. Giran ended up putting the costume on his tab, but still demanded his intermediary fee as a broker.

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5 Facts to Know About Kendo Itsuka

  1. Kendo was born on September 9, has the blood type O, was born in Chiba prefecture, and likes black coffee and motorcycles.
  2. Kendo is the most popular character from Class 1-B (ranking 13th in the first popular poll), and Hirokoshi has stated that Kendo is very popular among his staff members.
  3. Kendo’s surname contains the kanji for ‘fist’ (拳 ken) and ‘wisteria’ (藤 do). Her first name contains the kanji for ‘one, best’ (一 itsu) and ‘excellent, beautiful’ (佳 ka).
  4. It’s thought that Kendo’s quirk could be inspired by the Marvel hero Kamala Khan. Kamala is able to have full malleable control of her body but like Kendo’s quirk, Kamala prefers to increase the size of her fist for combat. However because Kamala’s first appearance in Marvel Comics was in the mid-2014s while Kendo’s first appearance in the manga was in January 2015 – it’s thought her quirk might have instead been inspired by Mr Fantastic.
  5. Kendo’s stats according to the Ultra Archive are:
    Power 3/5 (C)
    Speed 1/5 (E)
    Technique 3/5 (C)
    Intelligence 5/5 (A)
    Cooperativeness 4/5 (B)
    Her stats according to the Ultra Analysis are:
    Power 5/6 (A)
    Speed 3/6 (C)
    Technique 3/6 (C)
    Intelligence 5/6 (A)
    Big Sis 5/6 (A)

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5 Facts to Know About Atsuhiro Sako

  1. Mr Compress is currently 32 years old, his birthday is October 8th, he’s 181cm tall, and likes magic.
  2. Mr Compress’ Japanese VA, Tsuguo Mogami, also voices the USJ Nomu and Hood (also known as one of the High-End – he’s one of the twelve of Doctor Garaki’s intelligent High-End Nomu).
  3. Mr Compress is the great-great-grandson of Oji Harima. Oji Harima is one of the three most infamous villains alongside All for One and Destro (the founder of the original Meta Liberation Army)
  4. Mr Compress’ given name (Atsuhiro) contains the kanji for ‘pressure’ (圧 atsu) and ‘large’ (紘 hiro). The kanji used in his surname (Sako) means ‘urge/force’ or ‘imminent’ (迫 sako).
  5. Mr Compress’ stats according to the Ultra Analysis Book are:
    Power 2/6 (D)
    Speed 4/6 (B)
    Technique 5/6 (A)
    Intelligence 3/6 (C)
    Need to Make a Scene 5/6 (A)

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5 Facts to Know About Hagakure Toru

  1. While we don’t know what Hagakure looks like, she claims that she looks like a cross between Yang Guifei and Francis Xavier.
  2. Toru’s favourite food is caramel, her favourite thing is dokkiri (hidden camera surprise) shows, she’s 152cm tall, her blood type is A, her birthday is June 16th, and she was born in Tokyo.
  3. Hirokoshi has said that like Asui, Hagakure was originally designed to be a man but was changed to be a girl due to the lack of female students he had at the time. Originally, Hagakure’s costume was also more than just her gloves and boots. She had a type of mask on with a smiling face on it, and her gloves were also meant to have mirror-like objects tied to them.
  4. Hagakure’s surname has the kanji for ‘leaf’ (葉 ha) and ‘to disappear’ (隠 gakure), so when it’s read as one word it’s ‘hidden in leaves.’ Her first name contains the kanji for ‘transparent’ (透 tōru).
  5. Her stats according to the Ultra Archive are:
    Power 2/5 (D)
    Speed 3/5 (C)
    Technique 4/5 (B)
    Intelligence 4/5 (B)
    Cooperativeness 5/5 (A)
    Her stats according to the Ultra Analysis are:
    Power 2/6 (D)
    Speed 3/6 (C)
    Technique 5/6 (A)
    Intelligence 4/6 (B)
    Invisibility 6/6 (S)

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5 Facts to Know About Lady Nagant

  1. Lady Nagant’s alias is assumed to be a reference to the Mosin-Nagant, a military rifle that was first developed in the late 1800s and is still used in conflicts today.
  2. Lady Nagant’s prison number was 656698, and her real name is Kaina Tsutsumi.
  3. Lady Nagant is Japan’s best long-range fighter. Her Quirks are ‘Rifle’ which allows her to shape her hair into a substance like epoxy putty that she can make into different kinds of bullets. Her right arm shapes into a sniper rifle so she can fire the bullets from her own body. All for One also gave her the Quirk ‘Air Walk’ that lets her levitation and therefore walk in the air. She also seems to have superhuman eyesight – being able to hit targets from up to 3km away, including in the dark or in heavy rainfall.
  4. Hirokoshi has said that her skill in curving bullets was directly inspired from Fox (Angelina Jolie) in the film ‘Wanted.’
  5. Lady Nagant likes pretty and cute things.

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5 Facts to Know About Shigaraki Tomura

  1. Shigaraki was born April 4th and is 175cm tall.
  2. Shigaraki’s surname contains the kanji for ‘death’ (死 shi), ‘handle, grip’ (柄 gara) and ‘tree’ (木 ki), and his first name contains ‘funerals’ (弔 tomura). His birth name Shimura Tenko, contains the kanji for ‘intention’ (志 shi), ‘village’ (村 mura), ‘revolve’ (転 ten) and ‘arc’ (弧 ko).
  3. Shigaraki in his initial design was a lot creepier – having empty, black eyes and mouth.
  4. Hirokoshi has said that he found drawing the hands Shigaraki wears very difficult. He has said that he almost cried every week having to draw “a particular character” (assumed to be Shigaraki).
  5. The hands that Shigaraki wears belong to: his mother (worn around his neck), his maternal grandfather (worn on his upper arms), his maternal grandmother (worn on his elbows), his older sister (worn on his wrists), two random men who made Shigaraki angry (worn on his shoulders), his father (worn on his face), and Nana’s hand (worn on the back of his head).

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How I Keep Track of My Manga Collection

I have… quite a lot of manga. When at the shops I’m always scared about doubling up so I recently started up an Excel sheet to keep track of my manga.

And it’s been working well! It’s helpful especially to see what I may have already ordered and am waiting on, and my boyfriend can easily tell me which ones I should avoid buying (due to someone getting them as a present for me).

The manga that I’m reading as I collect the volumes as they come out include:

Black Torch – which I really like so far! I love the main character and his dynamic with the mononoke he’s tied with. They’re funny, prettyily drawn and I love a good action and fantasy story!

Jujutsu Kaisen – obviously.

Fire Punch – honestly I started this manga just because the covers are really pretty.

The Witch and the Beast – I randomly found this one and it’s a hidden gem! The art is beautiful and the story world and characters are super interesting. My only wish was that it got to be longer.

Blue Period – I started this manga around the same time the anime started which works well to keep myself engaged.

My Hero Academia – again, obviously.

The Way of the Househusband – the best ex-yakuza househusband and wife combo.

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My Hero Academia: Manga or Anime?

The eternal debates of anime seem to be sub or dub, and manga or anime?

For a series such as My Hero Academia, which is an insanely popular series, I thought it would be fun to see what others prefer.

There’s quite a bit I like about the anime. The voice acting is very impressive! Seeing the character brought to life with the yelling, crying, chatting in emotional scenes is something I enjoy watching. I also like My Hero Academia’s animated fights because (particularly further into the anime) the ‘camera’ follows the characters as they use their quirk at a fast-paced. This is particularly cool for those with aerial quirks.

However, I prefer the manga. Hirokoshi’s art is amazing! It’s a great style – the characters are boldly outlined, the lighting is dramatic and I like the horror elements in his style. I also like that the manga is more fleshed outed out than the anime, which is constrained with its time limit, resources and budget. The manga is also not censored compared to the anime, so that is an added bonus to reading it as well.

But what do you think? Do you like the My Hero Academia manga or anime?

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November: What I Read/Watched This Month


I watched B: The Beginning, a Netflix original anime, which I’m planning on writing a separate post about it. Without giving too much away, it’s interesting but a bit confusing to follow.

I also started Komi Can’t Communicate and got interested in it because I saw the animations (like above) where Komi looks so cute and comedic! I’ll probably try to write a post on it as well.

I also saw My Hero Academia: World Heros’ Mission in the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed it and hope MHA uses more scenes like where Deku chases Rody and Deku and Rody attempt to escape on a bridge, although I do think it’s the weakest out of the MHA movies.


I’ve been reading Black Torch and really like the main characters! I love the art style and the story so far is interesting.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is also a manga that I’ve been reading and I like it! I wasn’t interested in it when I first saw people talking about it and I’m not a big romance buff, but I like the aspect of how this is more ‘psychological war-fare’ with very comedic characters!

Obviously, I’ve also been reading My Hero Academia.


I’ve been trying to get back into reading so I’ve been reading CSI Told You Lies – a look at the Australian forensics landscape and a topic I’m interested in.

I also found the book Musings from The Moon at a artisan market I went to with my boyfriend and it had the cutest illustrations so I decided to get it (although I don’t actually really like poetry…).


My boyfriend and I saw The Last Duel and enjoyed it. It was an interesting story and well made, and Alex Lawther (I don’t know why) is just always entertaining in whatever scenes he’s in.

Eternals is a movie that also just needs it’s own post… I’ve seen a lot of hate for it online but I actually thought it was fun to watch.

The Last Night in Soho was so pretty. I loved the lighting and costume, hair, and make-up designs!

Venom: Let There Be Carnage was a really fun watch and it was great to see Eddie and Venom’s interactions – their dialogue was hilarious.

Red Notice was another fun, light-hearted watch with Ryan Reynold’s usual funny self being paired with the Rock and Gal Gadot’s fun roles, and lovely sets, props, and outfits.

After we watched The Last Night in Soho my boyfriend said that he wasn’t surprised I enjoyed it since I seem to like Edgar Wright’s movies. I was super confused when he said this because I couldn’t remember a film I watched from Wright. My boyfriend said we watched Hot Fuzz last year from the Cornetto Trilogy but I couldn’t recall anything about it. So, we watched Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End and they had a good pace for some chill, relaxing time.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is the second Bollywood movie I’ve seen (with 3 Idiots being the first). The plan is that my boyfriend and I will progressively make our way through his favourites times while I enjoy the editing and dance choreography.

The Woman in the Window I’m assuming offers a lot more in its book form than in this film adaption, although obviously the acting is fine.

Love Hard definitely didn’t have characters who were very likeable or much ‘love’ to root for to be honest. However, I did like the male lead’s mum, dad, grandma and the female lead’s best friend.


I don’t know why but I’ve been re-watching parts of Brooklyn-99 and it’s still just as funny as I remembered, and I managed to finally finish season 7 and 8!

To no-one’s surprise, I also have been re-watching Daria – for which I probably watch 2 episodes a week of despite having seen he whole series about 6 times.

My boyfriend and I have also progressively over the past few months have been watching Kuroko’s Basketball, but I keep re-watching the episodes and parts with Murasakibara because I am heavily emotionally attached to him.

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5 Facts to Know About Shoji Mezo

1. Shoji’s birthday is 15th February (making him the youngest in Class 1-A), he’s 187cm tall (making him the tallest in Class 1-A), his blood type is B, and he was born in the Fukuoka Prefecture.

2. Shoji’s favourite foods are Takoyaki and squid ink pasta.

3. Shoji was ranked 6th during the Quirk Apprehension Test, with his grip strength record being 540kg (his previous record was 46kg in middle school).

4. Concept art shows what could possibly be Mezo’s face under his mask, where he has a wide mouth and a set of jagged teeth.

5. Shoji’s surname contains the kanji ‘to harm’ (障 shō) and ‘child, character’ (子 ji). His first name contains ‘eyeball’ (目 me)’ and ‘storehouse’ (蔵 ).

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